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A word from the founder


Each of us is guided through moments of inspiration and times of despair towards the unique goal of accomplishing our essence while living the human experience.
Since you bumped into this site, it is probably Time for you to make the next step, whatever that may mean. Contemplate this possibility and, if it sounds interesting, continue reading ūüôā

The Miracle Highway is one possible way leading to inspiration, hope, by teaching  how one can access these normal qualities of life. The methods vary from one person to another, since we are all products of the environment, culture, and interactions.

This site is dedicated to your personal growth, development, evolution. It is the door to getting to Your Self, in all aspects, using tools from ancient spiritual tradition, modern psychology and coaching.The pages list all main streams of personal development, while the posts highlight ideas or hints for improving yourself and, as a consequence, everything that surrounds you.

Engage. Experience. And Enjoy.

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About the supporters of your endeavor


Black belt facilitator and trainer, Reiki master, teacher and healer

Black belt facilitator and trainer, Reiki master, teacher and healer

Andreea Ionescu comes from a lifetime experience of personal growth. Starting her spiritual quest at 16, she successfully continued her career to becoming a top recognized executive, and then turned to working closer with groups and people in order to support their development in all areas. Coach, Usui Reiki and Komyo Reiki Kai Master, she practices and teaches several spiritual traditions, such as the Egyptian Seikhim, the Hawaiian Huna, Angelic Reiki, ¬†Jourei, Shinki. She uses this toolkit to bring up the best of one’s potential, empower, energize and re-launch their personal, social and professional life.

She combines her extensive people experience with the ability to coach at many levels, addressing in a single loop the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual sides of each person. With  out-of-the box methodologies, she delivers workshops and individual sessions, face to face or remote, internationally.

Please do not hesitate to ask. If we know the answer, we will reply right away. If we don’t, we will either refer you to information sources or do ourselves the documentation for supplying an adequate answer.You can get in touch with us by filling in the following contact form.

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