Leave Behind the Monkey Mind

SymptomsThis one-day concept of seminar aims to  address situations when we stumble upon obstacles and understand the connection between these situations and our state of mind. Have you lost your sense of connection with who you truly are? then it is time for a redesign. Redesign You, your mind and what the mind attaches to, connects to, calls for.


The seminar identifies different states of mind and how the mind operates. How the mind manipulates us into feelings that subsequently attract more and more of the situations we loathe.

Working with the behaviors, at the same time with understanding and steering the mind where WE want it to go is key to mastering our life and transforming from a victim of chance into skillful directors of our own path.

The seminar is divided into four sections: health, wealth, love and self expression. It takes about 9 hours, and the group size is 24 – 100 persons.

Should you want to either organize or participate in such an event, please contact us for more details.

The dates and places for the next event will be posted soon right here.


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