Personal rebirthing sessions

heart treeThis program is designed to go to the deep levels of the emotional layers in order to identify, bring to surface and address the old patterns keeping you from manifesting your true talents and abilities and living the life you want.
Combining regression, energy therapy and coaching, the program consists in three stages, ideally one week apart, of 3 hours each. Available in Bucharest or by request in other locations (travel and accommodation fees apply).
You will be assisted by a specialized therapist through the three phases and will receive instructions for personal activities between phases. 
About the facilitator:
Andreea Ionescu is a holistic therapist, operating with techniques originating from the Tibetan, Chinese, Japanese, polinesian and North American medicine people. She started her training in holistic therapies more than 30 years ago.

Cost of the program: EUR 450.

 To book a session, please write an email to or call +40 722 402068.

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