Shinki workshop notes

Continuing the Shinki seminar, to be able to illustrate the notes, I have searched everything possible in terms of images.  I have found the writing in Hiragana /  and in Katakana – .  For kanji, there are so many results that it is hard to pick one.  The seminar of Saturday, the 3rd of September, 2011 with Don Beckett went much, much further than these glyphs.  This text reproduces some things of the spoken part of the respective seminar. For those who didn’t participate to any of the Shinki workshops, it is an incomplete image. If you wish to advance in practice, send a message on the site.


Thank you all for coming here. A big part of what we’re going to do today will consist of meditation sessions, meaning we’ll sit and feel the energy. I would like to say a few things between these sessions to create a break. I will say only what is necessary, so that I don’t just keep talking. Firstly, I will say something about this energy called Shinki, and what is its connection with Reiki. The Japanese have an understanding of a hierarchy of different energies, in the physical dimension: there are seven distinct energies.

diagrama energii

Out of them, Reiki is the highest. Just beyond the border between the physical dimension and the spiritual dimension lies Shinki, the divine energy, the energy of the Source. The way in which Reiki functions, the most subtle energy of the physical dimension, is that it is the primary manifestation of Shinki, meaning what connects us with Shinki.

Reiki is the key and the door lock, of the corridor, the bridge which makes this connection. So that, when we practice Reiki what is happening, to my understanding, is that through concentration on Reiki we activate Reiki, which brings Shinki to manifest in the physical realm through Reiki. The difference between what we do with Reiki and what we are doing today is that the method of today is a different way of accessing Shinki directly, without going through the Reiki manifestation. This direct access works different from the access through Reiki. Just a few words about the method. I have a friend in Serbia, named Dragan. He and I were experimenting with Reiki and Johrei; and he was in Serbia, and I was in Arizona, and we made this experiment, of sending Johrei and Reiki at the same time. Through concentration of putting together these energies in each cell, molecule, atom, particle of wave from Dragan’s body, the result was, apparently, that something made him to have a quantum leap, at a different level and a different perception of things, something other than Reiki and Johrei. In his mind the Shinki word appeared to describe this state. Therefore we believe that he accessed Shinki differently. If you want to read more about how Shinki was born, you can access the link:

So we began sharing this energy with others. We can do it putting ourselves in that state, and this thing doesn’t need more than a little spark of intention of connection and then transmisson, so that the energy is automatically shared with other people.

Let’s do a first session, a first experience. Sit confortably, relaxed, receptive. Don’t do anything. Just ask to receive the energy directly. Then come, back, gently.

A bit more about Shinki: one of the first characteristics when you experience it is sleepiness. When Dragan and I experienced it,  I felt very sleepy for two days. I told him and he said: „I sent you Shinki in these past two days, Don.” This is what people say the most – that sometimes this energy puts them to sleep.

Diana and I have a dog which adopted us. The dog was in the kitchen, on the floor, and I sat on the chair. I was feeling that something wasn’t right, she was breathing heavily. So I decided to give her Shinki,Iin this way, as i was sitting on the chair. When she received Shinki, the dog, which was sitting on the four paws, started to shake and almost immediately crashed on the floor. She was a very active dog, liked to play, called us to „fight”, attracted us to play with her. If I started giving her Shinki, she woud  sits in front of me and looked like she would like to sleep.

Animals are very good test subjects, because they don’t imagine anything. Here are some more notions about the concept of Shinki and the way it works. With Reiki,  I always feel how the energy comes and gradually installs. In Shinki I only feel a kind of electrical cord which enters in the socket and connects me with the real self. It seems like Shinki does this much quicker and total than Reiki. It’s a direct connection.

The difference that i perceive between this and Reiki is that Reiki energy comes, it diffuses and spreads slowly. In Shinki, it simply happens immediately and I feel it everywhere, all at once. As Simona said, you feel that you are Shinki , you’re everything, Shinki is everything. One way I think about it is this: you know what a saturated solution is? It’s like chemistry, you have a beaker and  you dissolve sugar in water. And you keep dissolving and it still looks like water. And, at some point, when you have dissolved all the sugar that could’ve been dissolved in that amount of water, and it still looks like water, it’s enough to place a single molecule of sugar, and the solution turns into a solid matrix of sugar. Sounds like a good analogy – Shinki ‘s there, it’s everywhere, but when you access it directly it’s like when when you add the last molecule of sugar and everything solidifies. Therefore, with Shinki you don’t need hand positions , you can put the energy anywhere, everywhere. Perhaps it is enough, let’s do another session. The reason for doing multiple sessions is to gain a better perception on energy and repeat this, accessing it alone.


Another thing about the dog is that the next morning, the heavy breath was gone. Shinki has a healing effect. A woman asked for a healing session and all we did was talk for two hours and do Shinki for 10 minutes. She had all sorts of symptoms for years – strange pains that no one could explain. In fact, she had been to famous clinics in many countries, and no one was able unravel the mystery. We stayed, therefore, and spoke for two hours and I explained her that no matter what simptoms she has and for how long, and that the disease is in reality, it’s not itself, and from here the various symptoms. She told us that it seems to make a lot of sense, then we sat down, did Shinki and she liked it, and said she felt fine. She said “goodbye” and went home. The next morning she called and told us that she felt completely healed, the pain disappeared.

So the healing effect of Shinki can be truly dramatic.

Like most people, Dragan and I do this at a distance. But some have said that the pains dissapeared, and some things healed after receiveing Shinki. A big part of what these people are saying is that they experimented a sensation of peace, joy, happiness, gratitude and connection with the higher self. Sometimes, clarity about something bothering them since a long time, the capacity of making a decision or understanding the situation. So another way i think anout Shinki, same like the saturated solution, is that it simply comes like a kind of big cosmic button for resetting, a red button. We accumulate all these little things and garbage which aren’t ours, but we accumulate them, and create all diseases, worries, fears – all of these don’t make us feel good, and Shinki is a kind of reset button, which makes all these little things vaporize. It’s a restoration of the initial state, of real self, in lieu of the artificial self.

The big challenge and the key is to be able to enter Shinki and stay there for 10-15 minutes, then come out of it. When getting out you can remain connected with the self, or you can chose to regain your old patterns. The challenge is to leave the old patterns go and stay reset being your real self.

Everyday, when i practice, I usually share this energy with the elements: air, fire, water and earth. You can do this as well and maybe in this way we will be able to bring big changes in the natural world.

Recreating the native state is done through accessing Shinki. My hope is that after you receive this energy and you experiment it a couple of times, you can access it from memory. Ask, remember the sensation and connect. Some poeple can do it like this, others have difficulties and cannot make a secure connection. So we have tried to find small routines, triggers with which people can use Shinki in their own way.

One thing which could work for some of those which practice Reiki and Johrei, is to do, mainly, what Dragan and I did. Meaning Reiki and Johrei simultaneously, Dragan and I asked ourselves if this could operate for others as well, and the discussion in the break ( sending Reiki and Johrei at distance generates a similar sensation with the one experimented in the seminar) seem to tell us that for some it works. So, if you practice both of them, you should concentrate to send them simultaneously.

In this afternoon it will try other methods of helping you connect.  One thing which is has been of help for me when I was trying to realize what is with Shinki is that it came instantaneously to me: this Shinki state is our pure state of being, of existence. So if you have problems connecting with your higher self, you can start the meditation deliberately removing everything which had ever happened, free yourself completely from this. Then think of all that could happen in the future, and free yourself,  move away from these as well. And everything what’s happening now –   throw these out as well. Now you’ve remained with nothing else than consciousness. Your consciousness sits and waits for something to happen to which it can cling. You cannot get rid of consciousness so you have to get behind it or under it.  Consciousness is there, looking.  Leave it there and go back, or under, in a pure state of being. Just enter the state of being:  for a while you will be conscious, seeing, hearing, feeling. Consciousness is there but you don’t think about it, give it no meaning, give it no sense, it becomes pure consciousness – which means what’s happening, what you’re hearing, feeling makes no sense, don’t give it any thought, then you can get under or behind it, in the state of being: meaning Shinki.

Sometimes, if you notice for a while the things, then consciousness itself disappears and you enter in a state in which you don’t notice what’s around, so that when you get out you  don’t know how long you’ve remained in that state. Let’s do another session. Try to start by throwing aside all that happened, all that is going to happen, all that is now and then connect.


The ability to connect depends on the person or the moment. About permission, I think that like in Reiki, in Shinki it goes without saying that you offer, and the other donesn’t have to accept. You cannot make them accept, because that would mean to make them accept your will: i will heal you, whether you want or not. Maybe the reason because this necessity of acceptance is felt differently is because Reiki pushes, being conducted by us, to a certain degree. Shinki simply is – we don’t do anything, it’s less than Reiki.

Here are some other ways of connecting for the ones who find  this hard to do without a method. The first way, which helps me sometimes if i am distracted by thoughts, is to sasy Shinki or what has come to me as kotodama for Shinki: i in ki. If I feel distracted, I just say it 2-3 times in my mind and the mind gets back to meditation. Another is what Dragan taught me. Dragan learned a ton of meditations and studied different meditation sistems and martial arts and all kinds of stuff. So one of the things he recommends is that when you sit to open the eyes a little,  so that you don’t see more than a meter ahead of you. This method works together with what i was saying – don’t block the consciousness – and the concentration on something physical that you can see and the fact that you are visually concentrating helps you not to be distracted. Again, whatever you see, just see – it’s not the consciousness – and it doesn’t mean anything to you, does not go beyond.  Try to remember  how you felt the first time when you saw something. It was purely visual. You don’t habe to concentrate completely on what you see, hear, feel, breathe, the body sensation, the consciousness or the exterior sounds. Just don’t give them any meaning and then you are fine and can get behind the consciousness, in Shinki. This is like a thin and transparent layer over Shinki.

Maybe it’s easier for some to practice with their eyes closed, but if you half-open them and bring the image close to the everyday life, you get used to the sensation of the state even when you’re functioning in the daily mode. The next step is to realize the state without sitting in meditation, more with your eyes open, looking around and doing what you have to do. One night, the dog, when we were preparing for bed, became, as usual, very active, was jumping and hopping from a sofa on the other. She was so wired that I did Shinki thinking “must stop this dog.” Immediately she laid flat on the floor like a pancake, I took her and put her on the couch.

Seeing without judging : I just started using energy. I’m sure we can stand with two feet into the physical plane and two in the spiritual and function normally without being trapped in judgment and thoughts . The real self that leads your body will not consider it necessary to respond to challenges. It happened to me sometimes – I have no idea, words simply came out of me without thinking and without trying to rationalize , like not having to do anything , because everything is done automatically.

Another thing I noticed is that this self does things spontaneously when something dramatic happens and you need to react, but you don’t know how and what to do or do not remember, but you have to connect with yourself. Why some people become addicted to dangerous sports, climbing and war – because they are so close to death – and the feeling that they are real when connecting to self. Once out of the situation they are not connected anymore and they feel that life is boring, they cannot not continue, feel almost dead. So what we have to do is to learn to stay in that place without the need for dramatic stuff, war or cars going 400 km/h.

As the old Zen masters said: Before enlightenment, chop wood, fetch water. After enlightenment, chop wood, fetch water. Just that after enlightenment you do it in a different way.

Everything fits into Unity, as Dragan told me about the way  samurai swordsmen were training. You weren’t allowed to keep the mind fixed on anything, no thought about what the one in front of you was going to do to you, just pure and total consciousness of everything that was happening around – not only in front but also the back – and they didn’t have to think “I’m gonna hit that guy” – but pure consciousness, everything happens automatically. If you could reach that point, then you would not have too long to live.

To try to summarize everything, I will refer to what we were talking during the break: the simplest is to ask to connect with your real self. Some have experimented with Shinki exactly what we have experienced. And it’s exactly that. A direct way, really fast. This I would suggest like a first way to connect with Shinki: Be in Shinki, connect with yourself assuming that Power will happen and stand there still and motionless, with intent and knowledge that will happen.

What I do when I start is to tell myself something short – this pure, direct, divine and perfect Shinki – I like “this” to specify I’m talking about this Shinki energy that I want, if other energies are floating around. So I’m just saying: this pure, perfect, direct, Shinki, in any, every cell, molecule, atom, wave particle of my body. Then also include those who I want to send to – in words or image snapshots of the person, connecting me with the whole bunch of people just by a quick picture like lightning. Then I let all go and focus only on entering Shinki, because everything is already done. Then I feel like I’m walking, surround myself simply go into energy to be in it – so I put myself in it and with me, they are in it.

One last thing: everything in life leads to the same thing – the goal is to have a real connection, real self sufficiency with the real self over a fairly long period of time. All systems of meditation are trying to do that. The advantage of the Shinki method is that it’s not just a method – it is a method that has an extra energy component. If you experiment the energy several times, then you can connect. It is the same way I did with Reiki. For me, Reiki is a form of meditation, but the great thing is that the meditation has attached an energy that you can define, so you’re given, you’re connected to power and you bring it whenever you want. It is identical to Shinki. A great advantage.

People try meditation systems their whole life. Having the component available, it’s like putting people “connected” to this great energy.

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