Amazon 2022 retreat

Welcome to the program description for the November 2022 Amazon retreat.

This is a spiritual journey that land sthe group into the heart of the Peruvian Jungle of Pucallpa for a 12-day experience, aiming the expansion of consciousness, connection to living beings and focus on personal insight, concentration and meditation.

The camp is organized in a traditional Shipibo community about 8 hours of travel via several means from Pucallpa and it is run by experienced local shamans. A typical day in the camp starts with early morning tai chi, except post Ayahuasca mornings, followed by breakfast, morning activities such as swimming, short walks or group/ individual exercises, lunch, rest and afternoon activity. The group will harmonize as it progresses from ceremony to ceremony, so it is important to perform all group activities and all individual tasks as pointed out by the shamans and facilitators.

This format offers a deep healing at all levels. Each participant will discuss his/her current health condition and motivation with the facilitator and the shamans, so that each individual process can be customized according to each person’s needs.

The group is limited for best interaction and optimum personal space.

During the retrreat,

The key aid to meditation, connectioon, breathing and diet will be consissting in 5 ayahuasca ceremonies, organized in the Shipibo traditional way. The shamans have an extensive experience and have worked with previous groups gathered by the same facilitator. In addition, the group will have the chance to participate in gathering the medicinal plants and prepare the ingredients for the ayahuasca drink. No other components will be used but ayahuasca, harvested locally – an incredible accelerator and cleanser that provides the chemical framework for the second plant, chakruna, rich in DMT (dimethyltryptamine) to do its work.

The ceremonies are supervised, no one leaves the ceremony until the end and only to go to his or her own bedroom. It is importatn to understand that safety comes first and that a well managed ceremony can only result in beneficial ressults. For a better understanding of what is ayahuasca and its purpose, you can visit

Preparation for the trip is quite important. As Ayahuasca is a powerful cleanser, it is ideal to get through a one-month preliminary cleansing process, consisting in the following>

  • avoid any toxins.
  • create a menu based on fish, eggs, vegetables and rice. This follows the shamanic diet that we will follow in the jungle retreat. The requirements are the following: no toxins such as meat, alcohol, coffee, drugs, especially psychoactive ones, no dairy, sugar, salt and pungent or hot foods. Chocolate and black tea or green tea enter this category.
  • refrrain yourself from having sex. The sexual energy is capital for higher consciousness experiences therefore a strict abstinence is the best way to accumulate and preserve it. More details, in our first meeting 🙂
  • prepare yourself with meditation and prayer. The experience is a deeply spiritual one.
  • if you have any questions regarding the diet, please address them via the whatsapp group.

The draft schedule of the retreat is the following:

Nov 18 – departure. Flight to Lima and accommodation in Liima(not included in the baseprice).

Nov 19 – flight to Pucallpa and accommodation in Pucallpa (also not included)

Nov 20 – departure to camp. We will take a speed boat up the Ucayali tributary of the Amszin. Get ready for a 6-hours trip. Transfer cost is about 20 USD

Arrival in camp and dinner. Setiing the intentions and initial info.

Nov 21 – Ayahuasca preparattion and initial practices before the first ceremony. In the ayahuasca days, there is no dinner. Ceremonies are performed on an empty stomach, no food after lunch and no water after 4 pm. The ceremonies start at 8 pm.

Nov 22 – free morning. Debriefing and lunch. Afternoon activities and dinner.

Nov 23 -Tai Chi at dawn. Breakfast and morning activity. Lunch, break, afternoon session. 2nd ayahuasca ceremony in the evening..

Nov 24 – free morning. Debriefing and lunch. Afternoon activity and dinner.

Nov 25 – Tai Chi at dawn. Breakfast and morning activity. Lunch, break, afternoon session. 3rd ayahuasca ceremony in the evening.

Nov 26 – free morning. Debriefing and lunch. Afternoon activities and dinner.

Nov 27 – Tai Chi at dawn. Breakfast and morning activity. Lunch, break, afternoon session. 4th ayahuasca ceremony in the evening.

Nov 28 – silent day. No talking, no watching, no physical contact with other participants. The facilitator will be available fo any problem. Meals are also an occasion for mindful eating and inner insight

Nov 29 -Last ceremony.

nOV 30 – Arcaneo and departure to Pucallpa. Transfer and accommodation in Pucallpa – not in cluded in the base cost.

Dec 2 – flight Pucallpa Lima, day tour in Lima and night in Lima (not included in the base price). For the ones continuing to Macchu Picchu, connection to Cusco.

Please take into consideration that at the time of posting the article a PCR test is necessary for all those who do not have the green passport. This reuires a day for test in Lima or Cusco.. More details to follow when you sign in for the retreat.Lima overnight,

The base price for the camp is 2500 USD. Lima overnight, Pucallpa hotel and flights/ boat transfers are not included. Options for flights will be supplied on the discussion group. Ultimately, each participant can make his or her own arrangements. If the participants wish to receive other therapies with different plants from shamans, or remedies, please be advised that those wil incur extra costs.

Questions and clarifications; or on the whatsapp group.

Andreea Ionescu

Facilitator: Andreea Ionescu is a clairsentient holistic healer and coach,  coming from Romania. She has been organizing holistic retreats since 2012 in the Amazon as a part of a long haul-year series of courses, workshops and conferences targeted to spiritual workers, people interested in their personal development and business leaders or teams. She combines her skills, techniques and expertise in a number of different processes, from rebirthing to energy healing, from metaphysical psychology and science of mind to linguistic deprogramming, to allow people to enter an expanded awareness of being, closer to their original nature.
Her approach, based on a mix of the best of spiritual traditions and personal development techniques, adapts to the stages each group goes through and allows for initiations in different ways, shifting those modes as the consciousness of the group rises. Group sessions and personal ones are performed to ensure all participants are keeping up with the pace of expansion.

Black belt facilitator and trainer, Reiki master, teacher and healer. Andreea comes with an experience of over 25 years in developing people, out which the last 13 fully dedicated to integrative therapies and coaching. Black belt facilitator and trainer, Andreea also holds initiation and currently teaches several spiritual and energetic systems, such as Shinki, Reiki, Seikhim, Huna, Angelic and Archangelic Seikhim – Reiki.