The Consciousness Solstice

pure magicAfter the much appreciated January-February consciousness expansion program in the Amazon, many requests for a new program arrived from acquaintances, students and friends.

Therefore, 2015 will be ending with a Solstice endeavor, that will consist in a jungle camp of 17 days, followed by an optional loop to Macchu Picchu.

Content of the program

răsărit pe Amazon

 This once-in-a-lifetime trip into the heart of the most pristine place on Earth offers participants a holistic approach, addressing the body, mind, soul and spirit. The program includes emotional release, energy work and thus facilitates a deeper connection with all that is. This process aims to the essential self, the pure sense of presence, the sense of I AM, the integration of mind, body and spirit, connected to our essential nature.

In addition, within the Amazon program, the transition is further
enabled by local shamanic remedies and Ayahuasca ceremonies. Our senses and feeling are ways to connect into the Christ consciousness that has been demonstrated for thousands of years by prophets and saintly men and women. Thus, self is becoming integrated with whole,the oneness, the ever present moment of infinity. Focus and attention of the I AM Presence places one back in the wisdom of oneness, the end of separation and ultimate joy.
The program run in the Amazon leapfrogs from the 2012 consciousness evolution concept, piloted in the jungle by a group of advanced facilitators,  and provides people with a process that promotes wisdom and awareness.
Participants rediscover themselves and drop into a deeper knowing,
once they are pointed to their own, authentic and aligned direction, free from old patterns. This is a massive opening of personal
potential: after overcoming their fears and inner obstacles, people can grow into the exceptional souls they really are, able to
re-design their lives according to their abilities, aspirations and talent, and positively impact the lives of all other people around
them, becoming leaders of the new wave of awakened humans.

Satul Shipibo în care ne petrecem stagiul de junglăThe 17 days of consciousness raising will take place in a pristine area, where the frequencies of the Western world do not interfere with the process: there is no electromagnetic pollution, no electricity and the village is located upstream, next to the clear waters of a tributary of the Amazon, called Manati.

The daily schedule addresses the following aspects:

– body: detox with a shamanic diet and indigenous plant medicine. Swimming, guided jungle shamanic quests led by plant masters and shamans, pink dolphin watching river trips, Tai Chi  will contribute to the physical attunement, together with specific healing effects of Ayahuasca. Emotional cleansing sessions through therapeutic and shamanic practices completes the body approach. Amazon 2014

– mind: mental and verbal reprogramming, meditation, group debriefing and debates. Releasing the hypnotic, cultural and religious patterns. Expanding the intuition.

– soul: subconscious and superconscious connections via breathing techniques, ayahuasca initiation ceremonies and connection with oneness, initiation into the Five Attributes of Mastery: centering, harmony, potential, vision and inspiration. All these elements build on a foundation of Love with the end result being the Joy that you are.

ceremoniile de protecţie, cu Kavi CânaA typical day in the jungle starts at sunrise, with body-energy practice, shamanic medicinal plant remedies and a bathe in the river. It continues with either initiations into the Five Attributes, group work, jungle walks, private sessions or other activities. It then flows into a meditation or one of the five scheduled Ayahuasca ceremonies. We will benefit from the support of the experienced therapists facilitating the entire trip and the contribution of four local shamans, specialized in purification, protection, plant treatment and Ayahuasca ceremonies.

The entire group will get an orientation session before departure and another one on site.

spaţiul de relaxare

Accommodation in Lima can be arranged and paid on location, if you wish to spend the evening there.

The tentative schedule of the trip is the following:

November 30: Arrive in Iquitos. The group will spend the night in the hotel and leave for the jungle early in the morning. Please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to facilitate the reservation.

Free afternoon in Iquitos. You can visit the shamans’ and artisans’ markets. The group will meet for dinner, for an introduction and first briefing.

December 1: boat trip with the Shipibos to the jungle location. A one day scenic trip through the heart of the Amazon, into Nuevo San Jose, where we will be accommodated in typical Shipibo bungalows and get immersed into the local lifestyle.

December 2- 17- : Jungle schedule. Connecting with the nature, self work, plant therapy, Ayahuasca ceremonies, meditation and specific group activities (see details above).

December 18: return to Iquitos by boat and evening in town. We will be arriving around 2 pm, so allow a few hours between the arrival and your flight. Recommended: no earlier than 6 pm, December 18, for the participants that are not attending the optional Macchu Picchu Solstice loop.

For the ones continuing the journey, evening in Iquitos and accommodation in the hotel.

December 19: Flights either back home, for the ones who want to return, or connection to Lima and Cuzco, for the Sacred Valley and Macchu Picchu loop. The camp itself finishes  with the arrival in Iquitos – this leg of the program is optional.

December 18 : arrival and evening in Cuzco

December 19: one day Sacred Valley tour

December 20: Departure to Aguas Calientes

December 21: Solstice at Macchu Picchu and late afternoon return to Cuzco

December 22:  a day in Cuzco or flights to home for Christmas

Statue of Pachacutec and the cathedral

Base price for the jungle package from Iquitos, including transport to jungle location, full board and all ceremonies and practices: 2450 USD. The hotel price in Iquitos, not included in the base price, is 50 USD for two nights (one on arrival, on on return). Airfare from home city to Iquitos is not included. 

The Macchu Picchu loop baseline cost is around 600 USD, containing the transfers, hotel (3 nights in Cuzco, 1 night in Aguas Calientes), train tickets to Macchu Picchu, bus tickets to the top and entrance to Macchu Picchu : the Lima-Cuzco return flight is not included. An exact quote will be sent to all participants that wish to take this tour.

The price shall be paid as follows:

– 500 USD until September 15

– 500 USD until October 15

– 500 USD until November 1, 2015

–  the remaining amount shall be paid by November 15.

The group activities shall be supplied in English; the group is international.

Facilitators: Andreea Ionescu, Ian Stabler

Andreea IonescuAndreea and Ian are clairsentient holistic healers and coaches,  coming from Romania, respectively Canada. They met in the Amazon and partnered since then, working in a 4-year series of courses, workshops and conferences targeted to spiritual workers, people interested in their personal development and business leaders or teams. They combine their complementary skills, techniques and expertise in a number of different processes, from rebirthing to energy healing, from metaphysical psychology and science of mind to linguistic deprogramming, to allow people to enter an expanded awareness of being, closer to their original nature.
Their approach, based on a mix of the best of spiritual traditions and personal development techniques, adapts to the stages each group goes through and allows them to perform initiations in different ways, shifting those modes as the consciousness of the group rises. Group sessions and personal ones are performed to ensure all participants are keeping up with the pace of expansion.

Black belt facilitator and trainer, Reiki master, teacher and healer

Black belt facilitator and trainer, Reiki master, teacher and healer

Andreea Ionescu is a holistic therapist, coach and personal development counselor, with an experience of over 20 years in developing people, out which the last 7 fully dedicated to complementary therapies and coaching. Black belt facilitator and trainer, Andreea also holds initiation and currently teaches several spiritual and energetic systems, such as Shinki, Reiki, Seikhim, Huna, Angelic and Archangelic Reiki.

Ian Stabler

Ian Stabler has been working for more than 20 years in individual and group therapy, helping people reveal their inner nature, supporting deep exploration and identification of those portions that do not contribute to the highest potential of that person. The result is an enhanced natural self expression of the authentic person or group.   Ian specialized in soul retrieval, clearing personal blockages and limitations since 1986. Initiated in the 32 paths of wisdom of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, certified holistic rebirthing practitioner, he has spent the last 13 years in coaching and individual reconstructive therapy, and totals a 40 years track record in working with people.

More on the previous format, dedicated to shaping leaders, about the facilitators and participant opinions, at

2013 group heading to the Jungle

To register for the trip or require information, please use the adresses below:

 Email to or

Contact phone numbers: +40 722 402068 (Andreea) or +1 6042908646 (Ian). A discussion group on Facebook is available at on a membership basis.

The Great Blue Steward

Aluniş, chiliile săpate în piatră

A day in the Land of Luana looks a bit like watching Tarkovsky’s Stalker. You never know what is going to happen, and nothing is what it seems to be.

We get together with Diana, the mysterious fairy of these places. She comes like floating, to assemble the rather large group bound to leave for the adventure. We are gathering in the area of the hermit cells carved in stone, here, in Aluniş. The gang is extremely mixed and loud, so our Iris starts one of her aerial songs. The mood chills instantly and we can listen, quietly, Diana’s story about the successive strata of civilization in these places. The symbols are quite ancient. Two lions are sculpted in the throne on the ceremonial platform above the church. Elements tracing back to Cybele, or Ishtar. On the right and left sides of the church, the unity is created from polarity by two stones, pillar-like, really old and now buried in the ground – the Inner Sun and Inner Moon- as the paleoglyphs tell us.

We start on the country mud road, going up, up, up among hayfields, floating through insects and wild flowers until we reach the edge of the forest. Each of these secret places hide in huge stone buckets, and climbing over the ridge of the bucket is difficult. It  requires maximum will but it is reward with glimpses of weird shaped rocks, guarding the main passing points on the path.  Gasping for air, we get to the sharp edge of the bucket, and then the road overturns and, passing the stone ridge, we descend into another world,  in another scoop of Mother Earth. After passing the trees and getting back to grassy area, the vegetation changes suddenly, and huge silver willows spurt from the ground.  We have entered the Zone. The mountain ridge is populated by a disciplined line of huge vertical sandstone pillars with a rectangular shape, planted one next to the other like dinosaur scales, and creates an enclosed space. This is where the Citadel with its own sun might have been. This is where the knowledge flowed to the earthlings. The space is marked by a gigantic pyramid shape structure in the center of the fortress wall. On top of this structure lies a large rock – a weird shape boulder that lookes like a wild hog head, in a fragile balance. Two hours later, we notice that the boulder has changed its position.  In 2008, a team of researchers took a video recording of one day and one night…  and saw that it really rotates following the Sun.

piramida cu piatra rotitoare

At the heart of the enormous enclosure, a huge Belly Button of the Earth, built of monumental rocks, hides, right at its top, after a difficult climb and an apotheotic final on fragile ladders, the cell of Dionisie the Spinner, a monk who spun wool… and not only wool. He was a light spinner too. The vortex created by the blended three cord light going up from this point is felt like an ascending vortex by many of the travelers, and some literally feel like someone is pulling the top of their head up. We provide emergency assistance to one of the victimes of superhuman effort of getting here, we sit in the rotation of the huge spiraled ligh weaving and then we go back down, into the womb. The group is getting more and more disfunctional so we take out from the backpacks the Tibetan bells to clean the space. The clear sky thunders telling us to mind our behavior stop for a while.

On the other rim of the bucket there is another pyramid shaped structure, guarded by the only fir tree in this area: the monumental tree is 400 years old and looks over the small church carved in the side of the pyramid and bearing the sacred blessing of St. John.

On the last hundred yards to the pyramid side, that has been smoothed by rain (or a nuclear blast) the path becomes to steep and difficult that it is impossible for the body to make it to the church: it is the mind that drives us through the torrent of rain and hail. The giant washing machine of this magic valley cleanses the thoughts of the ones that, stirred by the energy of the place, started to pour their personal impurity and negativity.

poveşti scrise în piatră

Waiting for the flood to end, some of us hide in the minuscule church, as I stand outside, with my hand welded to the stone structure of the pyramid, the water pouring down on it like I have petrified too and I have become a part of the crystalline stone structure. The much slower descent on the steep slope, due to the turning of the path into slippery mud, brings us down. We are not hungry, we cannot eat – it seems the energy of the place is so high that hunger disappears. A part of the group goes to the Cave at the end of the valley, in the nest of the Omega-shape pocket. The shape has an incredible resemblance to the femail sex organ and it is guarded by a huge phallic structure. It hosts the Live Water source – the legend says that the one with knowledge may heal when drinking for 33 days, and the untrained one may get poisoned.  n

la lucruWe set a power circle in one of the 10 illumination disks  (each of those is about 45 meters wide and they surround the central structure in the valley).

Around us, unseen, gather all the Guardians of this place. The Old Ones descend here, and so do angels and masters and all others, so that, under the guidance of the Great Blue Light Steward, we point our souls toward the great gate to the other side and we chant, meditate, tone as everything enters harmony, and the Good from beyond pours in a luminous stream to quench the thirst of the power place hosting us.

o Roată a timpului, stâlp de poartă la DionisieThe way back is difficult, too, because we need to climb back to the ridge of the bucket holding the entire collection of wonders, fed by the unpredictable and unexpected energy of the place. This way, everyone miraculously makes it, safe and sound, to the base camp. On the way back messages are waiting. Weird wild tulips and a huge stag beetle.  We spoke to Diana and tomorrow we will leave for another inspired trip. We do not know what and how it will be, but I trust her silent communication with these places and I expect more wonders.

Now, in the morning, in the shiny sun light, entering the breakfast hall to ask for a hot cup of tea, I am greeted by a huge grasshopper, a hidden message about trusting the unknown and making the leap forward. Later, quickly taking down the travel notes, a thin insect wing lands on my white pants that replace the ones totally compromised in yesterday’s rain and mud.  The wing carries inspiration and opens the air travel.

Out of the Light, blessings.

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