The 2014 Consciousness program…

.???????????????????????????????.. as seen by the Amazon participants:

I managed to reset myself and be able to see myself again. I had lost my direction and now I found it – I am, again, able to do anything. I am no longer in a defensive position. 

I learned to take care of myself and be able to give to others. I had forgotten this to the level of powerlessness. I realize other things are important: business seems easier,m it is like I have raised and went above the ocean. I am calmer, I have a vision and everything seems simpler. 

You helped me get to this state and make it conscious, to be able to continue applying it. I am detached, since I can go inside myself and find solutions. I seem to have rediscovered myself , the jungle and nature that I felt even before I came. Now, this is a second direction – a subconscious one. This will balance me. I feel nature is where nothing and no one can touch me – I am intangible. 

Incredible. It is incredible. You discover yourself. You feel the Source. 


I found myself again. My real personality came back to surface. Many findings about ego – I felt them now, plus a physical cleansing happened. I  evolved, I feel I am better, higher. I do not think anymore like I used to, my mind is free from junk. There is more silence and peace.

I got rid of a lot of emotional things that kept me stuck:  patterns, resent. I feel free, open. I opened a lot with your help.  My back stopped hurting, sinuses are cleaner. 

The group was extraordinary. 


I feel I am more open and balanced, lighter. I got a lot of confirmations  on things I had wanted to do: it was a major source of inspiration in the artistic plan. It reopened my appetite for things I used to like. 

I feel I am somehow freer, I can manifest freely. I received somehow the list of things to work on, once I get back home: to continue opening myself and working on it.

It is difficult to put this experience in words – I cannot realize yet everything I achieved and the effect it had on me. It was a complete experience –  spiritual, inter-human. It was mind coachin and working on the physical plan. 

First, I want to do only the things that came from inside and that I like. I want to make money doing what I like – art and working with children. These are the two directions I will focus on professionally, combining them with my personal purpose and spiritual side. 

The Plan is to be in the Flow, no matter how things will happen. On the inner dimension, I feel I am more open to people. In relationships, something changed in how I approach those relations. I trust myself more. 

???????????????????????????????At a first glance, it is a major change of attitude. I knew I had a divine seed, now I got to the point I know I am God. I am really believing in my force, in what I need to to, knowing it will be shown, step by step. No more impatience, now I have the power of knowing that everything is happening at the right moment. 

What I learned: it is ok to be different, to say NO when I do not want something and I thought it would be difficult to be silent, but if you do it, the moments when I looked for silence let me searchthe answers inside rather than outside. 

Professionally, I received an email last night – a friend asked me to work in a teambuilding one week from now, so things are happening. 

My soul and I are fine. It is difficult to express it in words. I am at peace with myself and in the last ceremony night I understood there is a formula in all things happening in our lives – when you understand one event you understand them all. This helped me a lot, and this is where my inner calm comes from. 

If I was to run away, I would run back to the jungle. 

The inner shaman came to surface. I connected with it. More inner power let me access other inner areas. I will find out if I need these power levels. 

I expected this to be different, but it was like a double experience. I did not expect to learn by entering the trance. I do not understand why I did certain things, it was like an auto pilot. I did things I had not done before, and no one had taught me how. 

I got another type of responsibility: a more mature one. Checking with myself what is happening, no matter what happens outside. I do not feel the need to speak up as if I would put things in words, that would limit what is happening. the need for analysis vanished. I do not feel the need to explain, label, say how and what things are.

This most powerful sensation was that it was me and that is it. My ego has issues with  this, but….

I gpr a whole lot more questions. A list of questions creates stress. The list of questions annoys me. 

???????????????????????????????I do not know if I have ever felt so relaxed and trusting myself. More trust, from people to life that is up next. Before deciding to come, I did not know what I wanted from my life. Now, answers are about to come. I have more strength and I trust my strength. 

I accepted myself wholly. I am more receptive to what is next, I have another attitude: if there is an opportunity, I will not procrastinate too much. My family? I can hardly wait to see them. 

I will be ME, more ME. I have such powers. I can hardly wait to explore them and go deeper. I have no more panic. From love life to profession , I will breathe. It is interesing to breathe consciously, one can appreciate more what is happening around. It makes things clearer. 

???????????????????????????????I learned how to have a wider perspective: once perspective changes, the approach is changed. I learned hot to dissolve and consciously notice patterns. Some of the things I knew beforehand, this was a confirmation.

I am working with no judgement. I liked most Ian’s workshops on working with the mind. 

I learned to live. to enjoy life, not only the spiritual part of it. Up to now, this seemed less important, bu it is needed – it is ok to be spiritual but also live. 

I learned how to make difference between illusion and reality. Ask questions, connect to information and draw conclusions, no matter what others are saying. 

It is ok to be comfortable and enjoy, but one cannot progress without questions. Ian gave me answers to many of my questions – I clicked a lot with him :).  These conclusions might be more dense, more complex. Without the workshops, ayahuasca helps only get the presence. In the last ceremony, I left the possessiveness over my body and just felt the I AM presence. 

I want to be a therapist, but I do not know how it will happen. 

I will understand things that I had not understood before this camp. At a certain point, I felt it is a lot – like in the Sacred Valley – I felt very powerful and maybe I do not want to accept it. MAYBE it is my mind that does not want this. I felt I was very important. 

What I learned is the journey itself. Getting to meet all these people, interacting with others. 

I want to analyze my behavior and change the vocabulary in order to become someone different.

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