A bit more on the basic concepts around Shinki

stillness2Shinki is the name which signifies Shinki energy and the Shinki method itself. In Shinki, there are two important elements: Shinki energy, which is an immediate energetic emanation of the Source (the pure spiritual energy) and meditation without thoughts.
It is interesting how these two elements works together, in synergy . Shinki makes the meditation very calm, almost effortless (and it is used for healing, for the distant sessions, cleansing,…); we all know that meditation is one of the hardest things to do in this world, because the mind will be equally disobedient if we control it with brute force or if the structure of meditation is too dull, it will just go to find something more interesting. With Shinki energy, we go very deep inside, withm minimum effort. It is not a meditation that makes you curse the day you were born: your spiritual path doesn’t need to be an infinite penance. Shinki meditation is very simple and without hard effort, but it does require previous practice.
On the other hand, Shinki energy is accessed directly in this method, because it has the most powerful means to reach it: silence, that is, meditation. When you meditate and have no thoughts, the resistance of ego is minimal, and it is the gate for the pure spiritual energy to flow without any problem. In other words, your task is to connect to something which is infinite higher in terms of wisdom and power. If you think about something, including your recipient, Shinki will stop flowing. Your task is to do wu wei, doing by non-doing, and everything will be done. It sounds a bit weird, but it works,it really works.
Of course, you can see the pattern: meditation makes possible Shinki energy to express without problem and Shinki energy makes meditation much easier and deeper. It will lead to more and more silence, and that is nothing but getting close to the Source.

All these things are possible because of one fact: every meditation generates energy. When you see a sage enveloped in his magical silence and you feel something, this is his spiritual energy. So, why not use this attribute of meditation to let the energy help us to meditate easier? On the other hand,  the energy which we would emit would be more than powerful and it can be shared with the others, miles away from us.

The three basic principles of Shinki are:

1.Every meditation generates energy

2. Ahimsa (non-violence) in meditation. If you start war with your mind, you’ll always lose. Change your approach, and the monster of your mind will become your puppy.

3. Wu wei. In Shinki, you are alone. There is no need to ‘help’, ‘heal’, even to think about your recipient, but everything will be done without your intervention, better than any conscious effort you can do.
There seems to be an apparent contradiction between this principle and the directed sessions, based on intention. The Intention tells the energy what is the purpose, but once stated, you must  detach yourself from it and let it go. There are no ‘others’. Just you and silence. There is no need to think about anything, your intention is your ‘autopilot’, which will direct your energy, which will keep Shinki energy involved in the process all the time. You don’t need to remember to use Shinki energy, just to be silent. That is all.

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