Yin and Yang in the Era of One

yin yangA personal development workshop for Oneness

Benefits: this 2 and a half days workshop provides participants with a deeper understanding of how polarity and sexuality reveal in their life, influence their couple life and other relations, and how balance, harmony, joy and bliss can be achieved. The quest for the perfect partner ends, in the traditional sense, with this workshop and begins in the real sense. Finding the One and building the way to the Oneness are explored, explained and taught during a sequence of practical activities.

Who can participate: anyone wishing to develop themselves and their love life, either single or in a couple. The only pre-requisite is to bring a partner, a date, a former partner or a friend. The partner comes in for free.

The two and a half  days of intense work will address the following main sections:

Day 0 – Opening

an evening session that will open the thought processes, emotions and channels for the work that is happening during the next 2 days.

Day 1

1. The Symptoms. Identifying current personal issues of participants. What men want. What women want. Introduction to detachment.

2. Deal with yourself. Patterns, negative emotions and balancing the energy. Attracting the right partner vs the imperfect partner.

3.The Hunter with an Empty Bag:  the principles of manifestation. Choose rather than search. The energy flow principle.

4. Harmonizing the Yin and Yang: communication, sex, recognizing the relationship categories and acting upon those findings.

5. One is sometimes enough: getting past social clichés and compromises, sex  traps. Inner yin and yang balance.

Day 2

Work in separate groups: women and men:

Understanding the feminine energy, connecting with the sources of this energy, balancing yin and yang.  The Period. Processing excess or stagnant feminine energy.

Understanding masculine energy, connecting with the sources of this energy, balancing yin and yang.  Containment. Processing excess or stagnant masculine energy.

Final group exercise.

About your trainers

Ian and Andreea have known each other for 14 lives, and, although they live on separate continents, they got it right this time. More about their background, expertise and skills: https://miraclehighway.org/about-2/


•One day format: 150 €
•Two day format: 220 €
•Group size: 24 (12 women, 12 men). Each paying participant will bring someone from the opposite sex. The guest benefits from free participation.


•Location: Casa Mărgărit for Romania. TBD for other countries
–Lunch and two drinks: typically 10 €/pers. for Romania, to be paid separately by participants.

Contact for more information or requiring a group session: andreeai@yahoo.com .

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