Creating from the place of silence

Blessed are the Peacemakers. As usual, ancient texts have deeper meanings than the one we typically read. One of the meanings is our ability to experience deep connections when we get to our silent core. Most usually, the method is meditation, but sometimes these instances of silence occur incidentally, and suddenly we find ourselves immersed in this deep Peace, or Silence, or Nothingness. It is a wonderful place to start our creation: thoughts originating from our silent core become easily reality.

The dilemma is about what we manifest, of course. Here are three real-life examples:

1. The phone is out, sent to be serviced, so the agenda is vanished. The replacement phone is completely ignorant, when calls are needed, something happens: the person you have been intensely thinking of is calling you. Then you would like to send a birthday greeting SMS, but there is no number… so you get messaged via Facebook by the same person.

2. She¬†is in a tense situation. Real tense. She feels something might be wrong with her partner. The marriage is flowering, but there are fears and uncertainty and lots of anxiety. What happens next is mind boggling. Her next door neighbor is completely rebuilding the house, which results in a 3-month ordeal. The other next door neighbor is opening a business that makes a lot of noise. This looks like a true reflection of her personal life…

3. Business is slowing down. The normal question arising in anyone’s mind is “and now what?”. So, from that place of silence, creative ideas arise. Suddenly, strategy and structure. A new starting point. The only thing is to follow it :), and things are back in the flow. Frozen projects, resumed. New ones dawning. Life is good, after all.

These are first-hand events. All of them happened in 3 hours :), after a short silent meditation on Peace.

Blessed are the Peacemakers, since once one radiates this state, grace overflows into the lives of everyone around with an incomparable abundance of Gifts. All kinds of Gifts. Peace is our Source, and we are Peace. Whenever we remember this and re-experience our inner sacred silence, we are back into creating, again and again, our happiness.

If you need tools and methods to help you reach your Peace, just drop a line here, in the comments section.