Meeting the Light

The minute you feel that this world has managed to tell you everything and that the things you tried did not give you the opportunity of taking a step beyond, it is time to meet Ayahuasca.

I have prepared for this meeting that I approached with the fear of unknown, the fear of a thing that held the unexpected. A entered it with a dose of curiosity, but at the same time with a great respect for this plant that I consider a spirit and an intelligence that is higer than us, the human species.

This relationship, after two experiences here, in my  country, which were organized in an uninspired manner (they lacked the spirituality touch that such a meeting needs) – started with curiosity and enticement: I considered the best thing was to meet Her at her place.

Image result for central sunThe Amazon experience is one of the most powerful ones in this existence and, frankly, in my 25 years of practice I experienced dilatation and expansion of consciousness, transmutation: I enjoyed them, they were extraordinary. But Ayahuasca is the plant able to take you into dimensions you cannot imagine. The words may be five to seven percent of what one can experience under the guidance of this plant.

It develops you with the intelligence and wiill that surpasses your will, during that labor (not joy, not fun, not a trip, but labor). The body is subject to a profound transformation. It is not painful, nothing hurts, but the body is transforming. As in any transformation, out of the clay a sublime form of art appears. Ayahuasca crosses us over and shows us a different world, beyond 3D. Beyond labor, Ayahuasca subjects you to an act of profound knowing that was never given to me.

I was one of the lucky guys in the group that participated in this experience because, starting with the 2nd ceremony, I entered the Light. I was thinking: Oh, God, have I lost my mind?… Will I be able to come back?…

It was not a dream. It was a reality like the one back here, but in another dimension. It is not like during meditation, it was a reality, but another one, not the one out here.

Do it with all confidence: the space is protected, no entity can enter it. The shamans are light managers, extraordinary people that guide you into the light, wherever you need to go. When I entered the light, the shaman came singing an icaro that modulates onto the light and I felt protected. I asked him: “how did you know to come to me?” because in the next second he was here. “It is the light that drives me”, he said. They are already there, in that dimension of light.

What is interesting, in the moment the shaman intervenes physically and lights go off.  The healing happens in 3D, and only after you release the ugly stories you can enter the light again.

It was not a dream. It is not a drug. Ayahuasca is a path that I recommend to all inhabitants of this planet, since it produces a spiritual, energy transformation.

After the labor you are tipsy, you experience a state of love that runs from you. You are a portal of joy, love, euphoria and you can let yourself be carried by this euphoria, but at the same time you can perfectly carry a cup of water.

In my second experience, the body restructured into its own shape. At noon, the next day, the process is done and you are coming back into 3D. In the Ayahuasca experience, you see what comes out of you. I am very well aware of my transformation.

About the light: at a certain point I was in the light and told myself “What a healing!”. One loses the contour of the physical body, which appears like a light body with a physical manifestation in 3D. Everything around me was shining. After one loses the physical body it is frightening. This light body is absorbed into an immensity of light and there you stand. It is an extatic state, unlike anything you have experienced in the most sublime sensations.

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