Stuck in programs

About one year ago, in a workshop in Romania, we met a beautiful woman. Amazingly beautiful and smart. Working for a bank, absolutely miserable because of not having a relationship. We worked with her in a private session and the physical result of that is that she finally moved the ring from the fourth finger of the left hand to free up the space for a new relationship. Before she left, she said: “I would give everything for a relationship.”

Yesterday, she showed up. She is deeply in love with a man – and her own words were broke, jobless, frustrated, desperate. I am stuck, she said. A torid love story took her out of her job in Italy and got her into the house of the current boyfriend (yes, she asked for a relationship and she got one). She is structured, he is not. He tends to start lots of  things and it gets difficult to finish them, therefore he is paid little and late. The financial insecurity is unbearable. A whole family lives in the same courtyard. Her beautiful nails are gone. She scrubs and cooks all day. She feels she has no energy and she cannot cry.

Where to begin with this situation that seems so familiar?

Exactly. What happens outside is a reflection of what we think about ourselves. How we feel inside. The roles in this couple had reversed. She is doing all masculine actions – looking for the money, organizing it, setting actions to clarify the legal status of the house, pushing her partner to accomplish more instead of supporting him. If the lion looks into the mirror and sees a ragged cat, that’s what he is.

What to do in such a situation? It is clear that everything starts from the way we think. If we keep thinking “I have no money”, “this relationship is not working “, “I hate this house”, this will give energy to the obstacle, not to the solution. Energy flows where attention goes. If your attention is going towards the blockage, you are just repeating and reinforcing the obstacle. Consolidating it. So, first action is to stop saying these words. Think about what you say, because it can be a blessing or it can be a curse. Stop cursing yourself.

Secondly, it is clear that the situation is one of lost femininity, so the prescription was about recovering it by focusing on what is feminine. Compassion, gentleness, intuition, softness, support, beauty, teaching. These are the elements of homework.

Thirdly, about applying all these: behaviors change in time. It takes at least 21 days for the mind to learn a new behavior, and up to 6 months to automate it. So, when you want to start working on something, choose one thing – such as looking at what you say – and practice that for at least three weeks. Assess the result and continue without slashing yourself if you are not up to par. Do not embark in tasks that produce a lot of discomfort. Choose methods and tools that speak to your heart, know that they are taking you on a journey of rediscovery and allow them so work on you like water: gently infiltrating, expanding, penetrating and finally mastering your new structure. It is a mental make-over, work it out gradually and patiently.

Make sure you have a supporter or a coach to assist with encouragement and support through moments of crisis or breakdown. And enjoy every bit of the process, because it leads you to a better you. A more authentic you. Good luck and congratulations for the courage to change something.

Expanded Consciousness camp in Peru: Amazon and Macchu Picchu

răsărit pe AmazonWe live in a world of hypnotic beliefs, both cultural and religious. It places limitations both on our physical and consciousness aspects of our being. Experiencing the truth of who you are is the purpose of this sacred journey into the heart of Mother Earth, followed by an optional Solstice Ceremony in Macchu Picchu.

This life-changing event  takes place in the Amazonian jungle, where the environment allows for accelerated change. The intention behind this process is a deepening and widening of perception, so that we pass beyond our physical limits, inner barriers and reach a higher state of consciousness, connected to all that is.

Satul Shipibo în care ne petrecem stagiul de junglăThe 15 days of consciousness raising will take place in a pristine area, where the frequencies of the Western world do not interfere with the process: there is no electromagnetic pollution, no electricity and the village is located upstream, next to the clear waters of a tributary of the Amazon, called Manati.

The daily schedule addresses the following aspects:

– body: detox with a shamanic diet and indigenous plant medicine. Swimming, guided jungle shamanic quests led by plant masters and shamans, pink dolphin watching river trips, Tai Chi  will contribute to the physical attunement, together with specific healing effects of Ayahuasca. Emotional cleansing sessions through therapeutic and shamanic practices completes the body approach. Amazon 2014

– mind: mental and verbal reprogramming, meditation, group debriefing and debates. Releasing the hypnotic, cultural and religious patterns. Expanding the intuition.

– soul: subconscious and superconscious connections via breathing techniques, ayahuasca initiation ceremonies and connection with oneness, initiation into the Five Attributes of Mastery: centering, harmony, potential, vision and inspiration. All these elements build on a foundation of Love with the end result being the Joy that you are.

ceremoniile de protecţie, cu Kavi CânaA typical day in the jungle starts at sunrise, with Tai Chi, shamanic medicinal plant remedies and a bathe in the river. It continues with either initiations into the Five Attributes, group work, jungle walks, private sessions or other activities. It then flows into a meditation or one of the five scheduled Ayahuasca ceremonies. We will benefit from the support of the experienced therapists facilitating the entire trip and the contribution of four local shamans, specialized in purification, protection, plant treatment and Ayahuasca ceremonies.

The entire group will get an orientation session before departure and another one on site.

The schedule of the trip is the following:

June 2: Arrive in Iquitos. The group will spend the night in OK Hostal. Please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to facilitate the reservation. There is an option to arrange accommodation with the group in Lima upon return, if you choose so.

Afternoon in Iquitos. The shamans and artisans markets.

June 3: boat trip with the Shipibos to the jungle location. A one day scenic trip through the heart of the Amazon, into Nuevo San Jose, where we will be accommodated in typical Shipibo bungalows and get immersed into the local lifestyle.

June 4 – 17: Jungle schedule. Connecting with the nature, self work, plant therapy, Ayahuasca ceremonies, meditation and specific group activities (see details above).

June 19: return to Iquitos and evening in town.

June 20: Flights either back home, for the ones who want to return, or  Iquitos – Lima – Cusco for the ones who want to continue the loop. Accommodation in Cusco and evening in Cusco. Taxi and train to Macchu Picchu.  Accomodation in Aguas Calientes.

Statue of Pachacutec and the cathedral

June 21: early morning bus ride to Macchu Picchu. Sunrise ceremony on the top of Macchu Picchu. Evening return to Cusco. Accommodation in Cusco. 

June 22/23: Days in Cusco and Sacred Valley

June 24: Departure to home city.

Base price for the jungle package from Iquitos, including transport to jungle location, full board and all ceremonies and practices: 2450 USD. The hotel price in Iquitos, not included in the base price, is 50 USD for two nights (one on arrival, on on return). Airfare from home city to Iquitos is not included. 

spaţiul de relaxareBase price from Iquitos to Cusco- Macchu Picchu: approximately 650 USD, depending on the time of booking . This part of the journey is optional. 

Accommodation in Lima can be arranged and paid on location, if you wish to spend the evening there.

The price shall be paid as follows:

– 1000 USD until April 15

–  the remaining amount shall be paid by May 15.

Andreea IonescuThe group activities shall be supplied in English since the group is international,  and facilitated by

Andreea Ionescu

Holistic therapist, coach and personal development counselor, with an experience of over 20 years in developing people out which the last 5 fully dedicated to complementary therapies and coaching. Black belt facilitator and trainer, Andreea also holds initiation and currently teaches several spiritual and energetic systems, such as Shinki, Reiki, Seikhim, Huna, Angelic and Archangelic Reiki.

Ian Stabler

Ian Stabler

has been working for more than 20 years in individual and group therapy, helping people reveal their inner nature, supporting deep exploration and identification of those portions that do not contribute to the highest potential of that person. The result is an enhanced natural self expression of the authentic person or group.   Ian specialized in soul retrieval, clearing personal blockages and limitations since 1986. Initiated in the 32 paths of wisdom of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, certified holistic rebirthing practitioner, he has spent the last 12 years in coaching and individual reconstructive therapy, and totals a 40 years track record in working with people.

More on the previous format, dedicated to shaping leaders, about the facilitators and participant opinions, at


2013 group heading to the Jungle

To register for the trip or require information, please use the following contact form: 

You can also send an email to or

Contact phone numbers: +40 722 402068 (Andreea) or +1 6042908646 (Ian). A discussion group on Facebook is available at on a membership basis.

the next best thing

Today’s thought is related to standards and aspirations. The idea started from a woman that cannot leave her cheating and swearing husband, for the simple reason that her parents planted deep into her mind the idea of conformity. If one accepts the failure of a marriage, it means he or she has failed socially. People like those spend their time patching and fixing what is unfixable and full of holes. Then they go out and tell eveyone how well the other reacted. Afterwards, things go back to “normal”: verbal violence and sleeping around.

Someone else desperately search for a pair, no matter who that person is, just to get in line with the rest of the social mass. A friend suggested that you don’t have to buy the whole pig for a piece of steak :), you don’t need people’s generic approval.  Just to have a name wrapped around your finger, preparing yourself for a lifetime of compromise.

Mirror image: a man falls in love, madly with a woman that comes from a completely different background. She has the first child, then routine comes into play and sex is not interesting anymore,  no one cares what the other wants… he finds a lover that can offer everything the fed up wife can’t. 

And then… it is Monday morning, it is cold, he runs  trough the busy square of the business part of the city. He is in his twenties, graduated a good college, works in a company that pays him well, but not well enough for the 12 hours spxcess hormones by giving him stupid and repetitive tasks, just to see him more often.  Colleagues perceive him as a danger, he wears the  high potential tag. The good suit gets wet. It is the only one, the other one is at the dry cleaners’… there is only enough money for a beigel. Maybe two.

What are we doing here, folks??? Why do we choose good enough instead of good? Where did this go wrong?

The answer is about havind the power of daydreaming, of having a vision that can draw the line of our life. Get past the immediate targets, which are typically related to the lukewarm compromise of today. Break the barrier instead of walking along it.

Get out of that place of comfort, dare, understand, feel the taste  of the next best thing, infinitely better than you can imagine, prepared and standing by, in the Universe, for the moment you are ready to receive it. Disney said: “if you can dream it, you can do it”.  Stop asking for permission. stă în binişor va rămâne acolo, fără să poată îndrăzni, înţelege şi savura următorul lucru, mult mai bun, pe care Universul ţi-l pregăteşte atunci când eşti gata să îl primeşti: nimic nu e imposibil, spunea Disney, dacă poţi să visezi la ceva, poţi să şi realizezi acel ceva. Nu mai cereţi permisiune….  Stop asking a higher instance to intervene. As long as we swim in the muddy puddle of good enough, we will not get what we really deserve: our perfect reflection, materialized in the perfect partner, true friends, best job or employer, creation, fulfillment.

Take your daily quota of daydreaming, compare it with what you are getting and decide where is the point of saying no to compromise. This is the first step in freeing yourself from good enough. Storms may follow, but you might end up in bright sun on your favorite beach… only if you try.

free will prisoners

fiecare dintre noi, minunat.

Another marathon week brought, in most of the healing sessions, a common subject worth a little bit of reflection: self limitation.

As if it was not enough we are infested with stupid programming, like a fox ful of fleas, e.g. a woman that is not married, with a home and children, is not accomplished, or as a man, if I fall in love, I am a sucker, we come on top of these with our own programs, to make sure we are safely locked in the well made taming cage.

People spend inexplicably long hours building a  kind of a personal tunnel – they get inside it and run in a straight closed line, thinking about their mistakes and failures. That keeps them in the prison of their old patterns, making  the change almost impossible.

curiozitatea nu a omorât pe nimeni, nici măcar pisicaThere are more and more discussions on  Karma.  People are looking for karmic or ancestral reasons to everything. This is not wrong, Karma is a program as well. Any software specialist can tell you that there is an override for every program spinning in a cycle. One can choose to continue the cycles or get out of the program: this is a personal initiative matter.

And then, the Big Black Cloud, that looks like OMG, what will I do if I change this worthless job? What if the next will be worse? and that person chooses to stay with the worthless job, that makes him sick every Monday morning, and in the long run produces gall bladder stones, gastritis or ulcer.

I am watching, puzzled, how we design our own mental prisons. Dear old mind. How it tries to protect us from subsequent failure…. and it takes out of its library old records, starts the emotions to make sure it is doing the right thing, and you end up running like hell, neither from opportunities, nor from danger, but from yourself. You set a lot of personal barriers, such as “I need to pray every morning” or “if I don’t go to the gym I am a fat lazy good for nothing woman” and you create even more opportunities for self-sententing, again and again. You get into the trap of the form and forget about the core fo the issue.

cutia ca loc de joacăAnd the most amazing and dismaying thing of all we do is that we close into that small box our most wonderful, superior expression, of creator beings, to stumble in the ropes we used to tie ourselves. It is like tying the front legs of a horse with a rope as wide as the distance between their legs: the horse will only be able to make baby steps, and will never get too far.

The only animal that feels good in a box is the cat, because it plays in it. For a while. After that, it stretches on the coolest side of the floor, of it is warm, or on the heater, if it feels cold. Maybe it would help to have a cat in each home, because there is a lot to learn from these fascinating creatures.

But what I really mean is that it is time to regain the freedom of being, dreaming, doing what we like. Now is the Time. What will you do today differently, to make your heart feel the joy? Not what needs to be done, but what You want.