free will prisoners

fiecare dintre noi, minunat.

Another marathon week brought, in most of the healing sessions, a common subject worth a little bit of reflection: self limitation.

As if it was not enough we are infested with stupid programming, like a fox ful of fleas, e.g. a woman that is not married, with a home and children, is not accomplished, or as a man, if I fall in love, I am a sucker, we come on top of these with our own programs, to make sure we are safely locked in the well made taming cage.

People spend inexplicably long hours building a  kind of a personal tunnel – they get inside it and run in a straight closed line, thinking about their mistakes and failures. That keeps them in the prison of their old patterns, making  the change almost impossible.

curiozitatea nu a omorât pe nimeni, nici măcar pisicaThere are more and more discussions on  Karma.  People are looking for karmic or ancestral reasons to everything. This is not wrong, Karma is a program as well. Any software specialist can tell you that there is an override for every program spinning in a cycle. One can choose to continue the cycles or get out of the program: this is a personal initiative matter.

And then, the Big Black Cloud, that looks like OMG, what will I do if I change this worthless job? What if the next will be worse? and that person chooses to stay with the worthless job, that makes him sick every Monday morning, and in the long run produces gall bladder stones, gastritis or ulcer.

I am watching, puzzled, how we design our own mental prisons. Dear old mind. How it tries to protect us from subsequent failure…. and it takes out of its library old records, starts the emotions to make sure it is doing the right thing, and you end up running like hell, neither from opportunities, nor from danger, but from yourself. You set a lot of personal barriers, such as “I need to pray every morning” or “if I don’t go to the gym I am a fat lazy good for nothing woman” and you create even more opportunities for self-sententing, again and again. You get into the trap of the form and forget about the core fo the issue.

cutia ca loc de joacăAnd the most amazing and dismaying thing of all we do is that we close into that small box our most wonderful, superior expression, of creator beings, to stumble in the ropes we used to tie ourselves. It is like tying the front legs of a horse with a rope as wide as the distance between their legs: the horse will only be able to make baby steps, and will never get too far.

The only animal that feels good in a box is the cat, because it plays in it. For a while. After that, it stretches on the coolest side of the floor, of it is warm, or on the heater, if it feels cold. Maybe it would help to have a cat in each home, because there is a lot to learn from these fascinating creatures.

But what I really mean is that it is time to regain the freedom of being, dreaming, doing what we like. Now is the Time. What will you do today differently, to make your heart feel the joy? Not what needs to be done, but what You want.

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