The Soul Spa: a Special Gift

the creative space
If you are looking for a more innovative motivational gift to put onto the desks of your employees, the high potentials, the managers, BrandYouTrue is proposing a concept that can be offered to some of the people that need special attention – those precious ones, usually courted with retention incentives.
The gift itself is a day of stress relief and diving into one’s creative reservoir,  meant to bring the best out of these people, no matter if they are managers or not. A day in a comfortable setting, with informal exercises, discussion and introspection, facilitated by two experienced former senior executives, currently black belt trainers and facilitators.
The value proposition for those employees is simple. It is about themselves only. It is a day of pampering, not for the body but for the soul:
Find your way out the blocks, lose the things that limit you. Tap into the inner, greater potential. Demonstrate your innate abilities to the fullest. A day for yourself, a day to relax, rest, create, discover and enjoy.
 soul spaThe one-day soul spa will contain four blocks:.
1. Deep self exploration. Finding out what is the paradigm that each of the participants is living.
2. Getting out of the old paradigm. Releasing the fear of change.
3. Unlocking the potential. 
4. Working out the individual plan to ensure discipline in putting into practice the key learnings.
Ian Stabler  – reconstructive therapist, former senior manager and board member in several Canadian companies. +40 years experience in working with people, out of which the last 12 dedicated to personal development.
Andreea Ionescu – black belt facilitator, coach, former executive board member in several multinational and foreign companies. +20 years experience in working with  people, out of which the last 5 dedicated to personal development.
Price for 15 participants: 1900 EUR
Cost of facilities and catering will be quoted according to the client’s preferences.
Individual vouchers available @150 EUR per voucher.
Available dates: on request, based on a month notice. Please contact for confirmation. For booking a group session or purchasing a voucher, please write an email to the address above or send a SMS to +40 722 402068.

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