Expanded Consciousness camp in Peru: Amazon and Macchu Picchu

răsărit pe AmazonWe live in a world of hypnotic beliefs, both cultural and religious. It places limitations both on our physical and consciousness aspects of our being. Experiencing the truth of who you are is the purpose of this sacred journey into the heart of Mother Earth, followed by an optional Solstice Ceremony in Macchu Picchu.

This life-changing event  takes place in the Amazonian jungle, where the environment allows for accelerated change. The intention behind this process is a deepening and widening of perception, so that we pass beyond our physical limits, inner barriers and reach a higher state of consciousness, connected to all that is.

Satul Shipibo în care ne petrecem stagiul de junglăThe 15 days of consciousness raising will take place in a pristine area, where the frequencies of the Western world do not interfere with the process: there is no electromagnetic pollution, no electricity and the village is located upstream, next to the clear waters of a tributary of the Amazon, called Manati.

The daily schedule addresses the following aspects:

– body: detox with a shamanic diet and indigenous plant medicine. Swimming, guided jungle shamanic quests led by plant masters and shamans, pink dolphin watching river trips, Tai Chi  will contribute to the physical attunement, together with specific healing effects of Ayahuasca. Emotional cleansing sessions through therapeutic and shamanic practices completes the body approach. Amazon 2014

– mind: mental and verbal reprogramming, meditation, group debriefing and debates. Releasing the hypnotic, cultural and religious patterns. Expanding the intuition.

– soul: subconscious and superconscious connections via breathing techniques, ayahuasca initiation ceremonies and connection with oneness, initiation into the Five Attributes of Mastery: centering, harmony, potential, vision and inspiration. All these elements build on a foundation of Love with the end result being the Joy that you are.

ceremoniile de protecţie, cu Kavi CânaA typical day in the jungle starts at sunrise, with Tai Chi, shamanic medicinal plant remedies and a bathe in the river. It continues with either initiations into the Five Attributes, group work, jungle walks, private sessions or other activities. It then flows into a meditation or one of the five scheduled Ayahuasca ceremonies. We will benefit from the support of the experienced therapists facilitating the entire trip and the contribution of four local shamans, specialized in purification, protection, plant treatment and Ayahuasca ceremonies.

The entire group will get an orientation session before departure and another one on site.

The schedule of the trip is the following:

June 2: Arrive in Iquitos. The group will spend the night in OK Hostal. Please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to facilitate the reservation. There is an option to arrange accommodation with the group in Lima upon return, if you choose so.

Afternoon in Iquitos. The shamans and artisans markets.

June 3: boat trip with the Shipibos to the jungle location. A one day scenic trip through the heart of the Amazon, into Nuevo San Jose, where we will be accommodated in typical Shipibo bungalows and get immersed into the local lifestyle.

June 4 – 17: Jungle schedule. Connecting with the nature, self work, plant therapy, Ayahuasca ceremonies, meditation and specific group activities (see details above).

June 19: return to Iquitos and evening in town.

June 20: Flights either back home, for the ones who want to return, or  Iquitos – Lima – Cusco for the ones who want to continue the loop. Accommodation in Cusco and evening in Cusco. Taxi and train to Macchu Picchu.  Accomodation in Aguas Calientes.

Statue of Pachacutec and the cathedral

June 21: early morning bus ride to Macchu Picchu. Sunrise ceremony on the top of Macchu Picchu. Evening return to Cusco. Accommodation in Cusco. 

June 22/23: Days in Cusco and Sacred Valley

June 24: Departure to home city.

Base price for the jungle package from Iquitos, including transport to jungle location, full board and all ceremonies and practices: 2450 USD. The hotel price in Iquitos, not included in the base price, is 50 USD for two nights (one on arrival, on on return). Airfare from home city to Iquitos is not included. 

spaţiul de relaxareBase price from Iquitos to Cusco- Macchu Picchu: approximately 650 USD, depending on the time of booking . This part of the journey is optional. 

Accommodation in Lima can be arranged and paid on location, if you wish to spend the evening there.

The price shall be paid as follows:

– 1000 USD until April 15

–  the remaining amount shall be paid by May 15.

Andreea IonescuThe group activities shall be supplied in English since the group is international,  and facilitated by

Andreea Ionescu

Holistic therapist, coach and personal development counselor, with an experience of over 20 years in developing people out which the last 5 fully dedicated to complementary therapies and coaching. Black belt facilitator and trainer, Andreea also holds initiation and currently teaches several spiritual and energetic systems, such as Shinki, Reiki, Seikhim, Huna, Angelic and Archangelic Reiki.

Ian Stabler

Ian Stabler

has been working for more than 20 years in individual and group therapy, helping people reveal their inner nature, supporting deep exploration and identification of those portions that do not contribute to the highest potential of that person. The result is an enhanced natural self expression of the authentic person or group.   Ian specialized in soul retrieval, clearing personal blockages and limitations since 1986. Initiated in the 32 paths of wisdom of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, certified holistic rebirthing practitioner, he has spent the last 12 years in coaching and individual reconstructive therapy, and totals a 40 years track record in working with people.

More on the previous format, dedicated to shaping leaders, about the facilitators and participant opinions, at http://pisicka.wordpress.com/calatorii-inspirate/calatorie-in-inima-pamantului/consciousness-expansion-for-tomorrows-leaders/what-they-got-from-the-program/


2013 group heading to the Jungle

To register for the trip or require information, please use the following contact form: 

You can also send an email to andreeai@yahoo.com or ianstabler@shaw.ca

Contact phone numbers: +40 722 402068 (Andreea) or +1 6042908646 (Ian). A discussion group on Facebook is available at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1423417071242896/ on a membership basis.

leave your emotional luggage behind.

Stress. Anxiety. Fear. Anger. Feeling disempowered. How can you get back into calm, balance and being sure there is an extra supply of inner power that you can always use in times of need?

There is counseling. There are shrinks.

And then… there are old, old tools: the mudras and the mantras: gestures and sacred phrases, many of them ancient, that magically open the energy pipelines to leave you refreshed and enjoying your inner quiet space. Here is an emergency pack that you can use.

Let’s start with the beginning:

1. Abhyasa Mudra for courage and fearlessness, works on anxietyDSCF0018

Place cupped right hand in front of belly with palm facing up. Hold left hand with palm forward beside left shoulder.

ahyana mudra

2. Avhana Mudra for increasing the ability to receive and accepting help from others
Place palms beside each other, little fingers touching, press thumbs into base of index finger, hold other fingers together; place hands at solar plexus.


kalesvara mudra

Kaleswara Mudra for self-esteem. Fights all addictions. 
Begin with palms together. Bend index fingers toward each other until knuckles touch, extend middle finger tips together, curl ring and pinkie fingers inward, not touching. Draw thumb points toward body.

pushan mudra4. Pushan Mudra – a great relaxation trigger, works on stressors we are internalizing
Right Hand: Touch tips of thumb, index & middle fingers together, extend all others.
Left Hand: Touch tips of thumb, middle & ring fingers together, extend all others. Rest hands with palms up.

garuda mudra

5. Garuda Mudra for unblocking stuck emotions or life obstacles. 
Cross the left wrist in front of the right and interlace the thumbs together, splay the other fingers over the upper chest.
Benefits: Balances the right and left sides of the body, creates a sense of freedom
Use it with caution if you have high blood pressure .


Use each mudra for about five minutes… or until it becomes uncomfortable. Many seem easy but they really need some work with the muscles and tendons.

The mudra may be accompanied by a mantra. Here is a short list that you might try and see if there is anything you like:


RA MA DA SA SA SE SO HAM (total merger of self infinity with What Is)

SAT NAM (invoking the truth)


You can find them on the Internet, play them and chant while you perform the mudra. There are several versions, just choose the one you really enjoy 🙂