leave your emotional luggage behind.

Stress. Anxiety. Fear. Anger. Feeling disempowered. How can you get back into calm, balance and being sure there is an extra supply of inner power that you can always use in times of need?

There is counseling. There are shrinks.

And then… there are old, old tools: the mudras and the mantras: gestures and sacred phrases, many of them ancient, that magically open the energy pipelines to leave you refreshed and enjoying your inner quiet space. Here is an emergency pack that you can use.

Let’s start with the beginning:

1. Abhyasa Mudra for courage and fearlessness, works on anxietyDSCF0018

Place cupped right hand in front of belly with palm facing up. Hold left hand with palm forward beside left shoulder.

ahyana mudra

2. Avhana Mudra for increasing the ability to receive and accepting help from others
Place palms beside each other, little fingers touching, press thumbs into base of index finger, hold other fingers together; place hands at solar plexus.


kalesvara mudra

Kaleswara Mudra for self-esteem. Fights all addictions. 
Begin with palms together. Bend index fingers toward each other until knuckles touch, extend middle finger tips together, curl ring and pinkie fingers inward, not touching. Draw thumb points toward body.

pushan mudra4. Pushan Mudra – a great relaxation trigger, works on stressors we are internalizing
Right Hand: Touch tips of thumb, index & middle fingers together, extend all others.
Left Hand: Touch tips of thumb, middle & ring fingers together, extend all others. Rest hands with palms up.

garuda mudra

5. Garuda Mudra for unblocking stuck emotions or life obstacles. 
Cross the left wrist in front of the right and interlace the thumbs together, splay the other fingers over the upper chest.
Benefits: Balances the right and left sides of the body, creates a sense of freedom
Use it with caution if you have high blood pressure .


Use each mudra for about five minutes… or until it becomes uncomfortable. Many seem easy but they really need some work with the muscles and tendons.

The mudra may be accompanied by a mantra. Here is a short list that you might try and see if there is anything you like:


RA MA DA SA SA SE SO HAM (total merger of self infinity with What Is)

SAT NAM (invoking the truth)


You can find them on the Internet, play them and chant while you perform the mudra. There are several versions, just choose the one you really enjoy 🙂