The New Authentic You

Personal rebirth workshop

Renew yourself. Get ready for the next step in life. Come to a weekend  of awakening, in the
The Rebirth Workshop.
 Free yourself from the overload of thoughts and emotions that prevent you from making another step to your full potential. Analyze who you really are and follow this path of potential to express your talents, gifts and aspirations in the near future.
Get over all those “Yes, but…” and commit yourself to living closer to what your heart is telling you. End the rooted belief that you are separated from your pure, perfect essence.
Two days of personal de-construction and re-construction, with the purpose of coming back to your personal, social and professional environment as an inspired, visionary and powerful leader, free of the deadweight you have carried with you for such a long time.
Here is how you can participate:


More on the methodology
The concept behind the curriculum of the Rebirth Workshops addresses the soul dimension of the personal evolution. Participants go through an self-discovery and evaluation process regarding their three main dimensions:
– first, the body and its relationship with the soul in the physical world. The ability of the body to carry the superior, soul-spirit dimension.
– soul freedom: breaking free from the patterns originating from past experiences, social and religious beliefs.
– opening the sacred inner space and re-union: the holistic re-integration.
What participants say



I wanted to say thank you but it is way beyond thank you.

It is not what I expected : I got more than that. What I really got from this workshop was me. For the first time I sat on this chair and said the words regarding who I am, it was the first time I said that and it stayed with me and got bigger and stronger and I think this is precious.

Yes. It is really beyond words.


I think I am just very, very, very grateful for everything I received because I cannot even describe it in words. Thank you. A lot.

I am glad I was here and got to share this with all of you and I think this is an important step for me in my evolution and really being free. So… Namaste.


 This has been a kind of cordless bunjee jumping for me. It was nice. It was hard. It was unexpected. I still have a lot to understand, to feel, to evolve. I am very far from what I thought before. From what I dreamed. This is who I am and I was glad I felt it, and I want to thank you all people here for the extraordinary support you offered me fully.

Thank you. Namaste.


Thank you with all my heart for everything you gave me. Last night when I went home I realized that my biggest problem was that all my life I tried to adapt. I am 31 and I haven’t adapted up to now. Last night, after listening and understanding, I realized I  don’t have to fight to adapt. I just have to be. And that is very big for me. Thank you. Namaste.


Thank you for meeting you . Thank you for being last night with me, and in my vision you were dressed in white, and that gave me the confirmation that my presence in this meeting helped me have more confirmation. You were the shoulder I can put my arm and head on. Thank you.


There are not so many important things to say, except the immense flow of gratitude I feel for for all the wave of sweet tenderness and compassion born here, in this group.

I am not finished, I know better my weaknesses and that is why I am stronger. I feel the power that lays in me. My heart is more open now.

And I am very lucky I was here.


Well. I decided to attend this seminar on Thursday eveening. And at that time I did not realize I wanted so much to come here. On Friday evening I was very nervous,  sitting on this chair when you asked what we expected, and I cannot even remember what I said but I remember saying  finding out who I am and finding out that God is still there in me, shining. The flame is still there.  I found myself back. It is nice to be yourself, to be authentic.

I found out so many ways to express myself and devote myself to others. It has been really very nice. Thank you.


What I keep feeling now is that past, present and future are all happening now. Everything that we see, if Andreea would have recorded it on camera, would be a tiny fraction of what happened and continues to happen. Irrelevant it was not recorded. It did not happen all yet so whatis there  to record?

When you are looking for something, you will find it. We all have a contract to be here, it was not a random meeting. When you are looking for a teacher he comes from a different time, a different space, so thank you.


I have felt this experience – since when I was born. Locked inside of us.

The bell that rings is that it is very easy to hold into the human moments. We need to go out of these moments – but this is the work to be done every day, every moment. Thank you for guiding us and we hope to do the rest of the work. Thank you.


I was expecting a lot of things but most of it was fun. Yes. And what I mean here is that all things that happened here, all things I stayed home to think of and even looking at this whole thing was really fun – I am really excited about going out and doing things and having fun again. I think that is it. Having fun.


For me, I think it is about 3 ideas:

–          Freedom

–          Change

–          Authenticity

When I came on Friday I was speaking about strings attached and I was upset and frustrated. It is interesting  I always felt I try to run and fly and there are closed doors and I yell and scream to the other keeping it locked.

I was on the other side of the door, and the only thing I have to do is open these doors and not lock them up. All of us have a lot of things to do.

There is a very interesting moment: on Saturday morning I was running before coming here and after the morning meditation. I kept 1 idea in my mind while I was running. It is the 7 years change idea, regarding the body dying after 7 years. I have seen physically on my body what sport could change for the better. Extraordinary changes. In fact, nobody brought me to this  psychological stage I was on Friday. I brought myself there – the extraordinary thing that came in my mind is changing the same I did with sport – with my mind I can go back and build and be in shape in the right direction. I am not changing the entire life at once, just one by one – the ideas, ways of thinking, each tiny detail will reflect in the impact in myself.

Continuing the bridge you built inside out, the idea of strings is not about being conditioned by the others. It is what you offer to them and what you build on yourself and could offer to them.

Instead of being frustrated, under big pressure, it is easy to go, offer something and you will see everything flourishing around you.

The 3rd one about authenticity is the magical key. Keeping the right to say yes, no or the silence will preserve you in a way you feel to be and this will save you from misalignmnet from what you do not want to be.

I was upset because I was not what I felt I wanted to be in that very second. Being authentic, keeping the right to choose, transporting your mind, yourself over all decisions that are according to your intentions will allow you to continue to be in that point that makes you happy you are yourself.

Closing statement

Joy is the motor. Joy is what allows us to be free. It pumps through your veins, it makes you glow and this has been joyous. It’s been a gift to me, and as you leave here and look out to the horizon of the rest of your life, know it is your life. That you are the master of you. You are God’s special gift to yourself.
There are many paths that you can follow. The best path would be the one that you choose. Choose love, choose life, choose yourself.  And have fun.
It really has been a pleasure and a wonderful experience to do this. The gifts that I got I will share and share and share… and thank you.

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