Peace in the Office

Yes. Those days you just wish you could stay home. And you keep repeating to yourself: well, it pays the bills.

But What IF,..

What if you could love your work?

What if you could work in a team that feels like a circle of friends?

And what if instead of pushing your department forward you could find yourself drifting along a smooth, natural evolution curve?

It all starts inside. Because we all have that inner power, sometimes really well hidden to generate and maintain harmony around us.

This program contains development techniques, team methods and tips for the managers that allow for a better performance, a more serene environment and a work attitude contributing to the following areas:

1. Body. What works and what does not. Tips and tricks to harmonize the physical aspect of your work and work environment.

2. Mind. Working on the patterns that affect both you and the others around you,

3. Emotions. Although we think the workplace is not the proper environment for displaying them, we are are carrying around the emotional luggage with us. Understanding the mechanics and positively addressing those can help dealing with the difficult situations.

The stream can be delivered in various formats, depending on the participants’ availability and needs. Peace in the Office

Boot camp day
•15 participants
•2 trainers
•150 EUR/ partiicipant
In-depth work
•15 participants
•2 trainers
•225 EUR/participant
Half day conference
•Up to 200
•2 speakers
•Flat fee 1500 EUR
Prices are net.
Companies, individuals and teams interested in implementing such a format can get more details by writing to or commenting on this post.

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