Amazon Consciousness Expansion

This is the description of the 2013 consciousness expansion camp. Please refer to the main blogroll to see the 2014 expedition:

Consciousness Expansion for Tomorrow’s Leaders

Inner Leader’s ArcheologyThe Inner Leader’s Archeology  is an executive development concept that synergically constructs on your current imprint to bring out the best of your conscious and subconscious resources and create a new, better, happier and more balanced future for you, the people you lead and the ones you love. The program is a preparation for the new economic paradigm starting in 2013 and going beyond: its professional dimension takes into account that the employees are both the engine of the companies and the reflection of the person leading it: YOU.
This 15-day workshop in the depths of the Amazonian Jungle is meant to re-set the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. Methodology includes a full shamanic therapy stage, based on 5 plant remedies, NLP practice, meditation, jungle walks, swimming, group dynamics exercises, ancient energetic breathing and energy movement, emotional release techniques, connecting to environment and energies, shamanic diet  and ceremonies, and individual work.

The session starts around January 10 and ends on January 26, on site. Please allow two extra days both at the beginning and at the end for travel.  Participants will be pre-selected to ensure a common starting ground. The group is international. Working language: English.



is the leader and Plant Master of a small Shipibo community situated in the Amazon Jungle, 8 hours by motor boat from Iquitos. The community is named Nuevo San Jose. Protector and healer, he is the author of the five-plant detox program and an experienced shaman. Funi is an interesting natural-born leader example, worth studying.

The group will be attended by an additional shaman for the traditional Shipibo ceremonies.

Andreea Ionescu

Andreea spent 20 years working for US  and multinational companies in executive positions. She ranked among top 33 business women in her country, and was multi-awarded for her results in growing and expressing brands in the 360° customer experience.

Andreea moved away from the corporate world in 2010, to pursue people-oriented projects with her own company. She is now a management consultant, a certified black belt trainer and facilitator, and executive coach, also dealing with personal branding, personal development and alternative therapies.

Ian Stabler

Ian spent many years in the Canadian/ US corporate world, in executive positions, with proven business results. After demonstrating his business improvement capabilities, being headhunted from job to job and living the executive’s life, he decided to move towards teaching others – with a series of workshops conducted mostly in Europe.  For a few years now he has shifted to a more special journey: personal development work. He ran as part of the management team the biggest training company in his country, then got involved into the deep soul rebirth techniques and holistic group rebirth. He describes his current coaching activity as bringing Peace and Love back to the companies people run, to start remodeling those companies and their employees. He describes his current coaching activity as bring Peace and Love back to the companies people run, to start remodeling those companies and their employees for the new business models arriving in 2013 and beyond.


You will be part of a dynamic program that tackles the following development areas:

Selection of the attendees will be made based on a specific questionnaire.

Typical schedule of a day consists in

time Normal day Ceremony day Post ceremony day
6.00 Opening and morning work Opening and morning work
8.00 River River River
10.00 Jungle/ Nature/ Fishing Holistic development work Debrief
12.00 Lunch Lunch Lunch
15.00 Right brain & development activities Personal work
18.00 Dinner Preparation for ceremony Dinner
19.00 Meditation Start ceremony Ego/ compassion work

The full schedule will be available for the selected participants.

Trip cost: 2,000 EUR excluding flights to and from Iquitos.

50% of the money  goes to the Shipibo community hosting the program, as a subsidy that will ensure their survival and consolidation.

The package includes:

– transportation to the jungle site (the journey takes about 9h by motor boat)

–          Full boarding in the Shipibo community of Nuevo San Jose, including plant detox, shaman assistance, activities, training and trekking

Please make sure you have additional

–          Pocket money (200 USD for the jungle, accommodation for Iquitos and food money in Iquitos. Should you want to buy local craftsmen’s work from the artisan market in Iquitos, you might want to have an extra 200 USD)

–          Presents for the Shipibo facilitators (optional)

To enroll, please request a form at or call +40722402068.


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