Two exceptional experiences in the 2015 camp

Two of the participants in the January-February camp of 2015 reported absolutely stunning experiences. It is interesting that the leaps produced by the combination of spiritual, emotional, physical and mental exercise and the plant diet led to such experiences both with an totally uninitiated participant, who had no connection with spiritual practices in his entire life, and another one, same age, but who had been diligently following his yoga – diet – meditation practice for more than 25 years. Here are the stories:

In the first ceremony, I experienced pleasant visions. The second ceremony brought a bigger dose  which resulted in visions or very strong hallucinations. In the third ceremony Juni gave M. an additional dose, so I asked for one too. 10-15 minutes later, the vision was overlapping reality.

M. became a very clear presence to me and then one of the facilitators instantaneously appeared. I had very intense visions, like an Avatar forest, and the really strong experience started when this transformed into snakes. Then wonderful mix of flames and energetic fields, lay lines. I started playing with them. I don’t know – I was playing with them, feeling everyone from everywhere – the girls next to me or far from me, and I started to select what seemed clean. What was beautiful I was pushing to my left, because M. seemed to need that. And what was bad I was spitting to my right. This is what I did all night.

I  was feeling assaulted by Toni, the shaman, at the same time with Juni’s constant watch, rotating around me, and Kavi which was supervising everything.

First point of attachment to reality was the shape of the maraca – I was searching for the round, convex shape . I felt the warm water on my stomach – actually is was the cold water cloth.  Juni poured lime juice on my lips, and it was the most amazing drink, the most wonderful taste. You woke me up and it was the speaking that helped me reconnect: you are hyperventilating, remember, breathe through your nose. I was reliving the emotional release state. I had the next vision – I stopped playing with the energy, the sky got dark and then a green light explosion opened the sky. I started being conscious of the environment around me – before this I was just losing contact with the space.

I started seeing the eyes. One was mine. The eye which took care of me. I saw the girls, I got the hugs and kisses from them, they were saying I was wonderful. L. was bothered by all that had happened around him… and that was the end of the experience.

I had to leave that morning, I  slept on the boat – maybe I exchanged five  words with Juni and the Shipibo driving the boat. He dropped me off at the hotel and I went shopping. Things were coming back to normal, but then, in Iquitos something bizarre happened: no matter in which pub I stopped, the dogs were coming to me,  from the ones of the pub to  the street ones. I had no food. Next to me, they were poking me in the elbow with their snout. It was a state of ecstasy. In the second night after the ceremony, I had clear visions in the middle of the night:  in a golden environment , full of flowers, all very luminous.

I left for Lima, the night that was to follow was the night of the next ceremony. I felt I was there, with the group, and something wasn’t going well. I left for Cuzco and on the second day in the Sacred Valley, to Macchu Picchu, the guide had arranged a meal for me in a luxury restaurant. In the parking – a flower garden. I sat down with the garden 1 meter behind me; through the pavement stones, some flowers were sprouting. Then, a humming bird comes and drings from the flower right between my knees. I wanted to grab the camera but I was afraid to move so that I don’t scare it.

At Macchu Picchu. First day Wayna Picchu. Physical, terrible. With fog, you couldn’t even see 2 Macchu Picchu. The climb is awful. In fog, many have blessed the fog. The steps are almost vertical. I saw 20-25 year old athletic guys descending …. With their backs against the steps.

At Macchu Picchu I spent the first day in Huayna Picchu. Physically it is a dreadful hike. The day was really foggy, one could not even see half of Macchu Picchu. In the fog, many blessed it, because the stairs go up almost vertically and I saw athletic guys, well build, in their twenties, going down terrified, with their backs stuck to the stairs.

There were two places with great views, and we got the first thick rain. The fog was so dense  one could barely guess where Macchu Picchu was. I took photos, the fog went away. I was looking for a terrace so I could hide and smoke a cigarette and we found one, like 10 meters under the peak. There were four girls and two guys there, hiding from the rain. A big bird – sparrow shaped, with a yellow-green-orange collar came. Somebody ran him off. I took a bit of a biscuit from a guy. I threw it 20cms away and watched, amazed, how the bird came and grabbed it – so the guy poured the crumbs in my palm, and the bird came to my hand and ate.

The last weird happening was with the island of penguins and seals. I had the seals swimming next to me and smelling me, they were no more than 2 meters away from me, while barking andgrowling at all the others, not coming next to them This experience lasted about 30  minutes.

The effect of the spiritual leap produced by the intensive camp schedule is lasting. Although the challenge when coming back to daily routine is to keep up the practice and stay in the mindset created by the entire bootcamp, it is clear that the result is not just momentary, but a deep, lasting one, which can be further expanded by following the Master’s discipline as taught during the retreat. 

Read the second amazing story here:

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