The Heart Shift

fusing polarityDuring the past few weeks, people came in sessions questioning the events happening around them. Most of the times, the events were a perfect mirror of the person’s inner state, although they tended to blame others for what was happening . But this way of thinking  is a boomerang: what sets a person free is working out their environment with no judgment.

If we just stop and be mindful of these things, we will begin to communicate with our heart center. The key question we need to ask when something goes ballistic in our lives is

What is really happening here?

“What is happening” is the part that is taking over the mind. The ego of the mind is  gradually shrinking when exposed to continuous focus. And then, the miracle happens: here comes a point where the ego accepts the  reality of a non-dualistic way of being, so that it can join the heart.

This is creating a shift in consciousness.

If you look at the consciousness in the fourteenth century, compared to today, the capability of psychology and thought are much more tuned nowadays. Consiousness is always on the rise, always changing. You are always learning new things and dropping other old things.

But some people carry old baggage and try to code everything in front of them by dragging the past with them, unsatisfied, unhappy, wondering what happened to them. What are they carrying in those bags? Patterns and programs that people cannot break loose from. Learned from the life we are in. The part of infinity they lived through. This is a moment of infinity.

It depends on how courageous we can be to teach the truth, to educate (ourselves and others) takes courage to stand up to old beliefs. Put them under the microscope of truth: should I be thinking this way? Question your own ideas. When the hearts are engaged, the fusion begins to work on the ego. This is a heart-led revolution that is going on. The heart is transmitting, people are beginning to feel it. Some see it, and this way salvation will not come from without, but within.

Love your Self. Be comfortable with your Self. Be at ease with your Self. We need to de-stress in this modern world. Those quiet moments in nature or meditation are the most profound healing we can do for our bodies. Meditation does not mean lying down, you can do it while walking. Feeling that every soul on the street is part of your soul.

We are so not looking in the right direction, because we were taught this way. Illusion is created by misdirection, like magician work. When we think in the wrong direction, the illusion is created. We need to change our perspective, and approach life from a different perspective. When you watch a football game, you really do not think you can influence it? One may get excited, but is this really changing the course of the game? We must bevery careful as magicians, that we do not curse our football teams with negative thoughts, with gossip and complaining, criticizing. Get on with the game! Be in the next moment. Sports is about being 1-2 seconds ahead what is going on.

mscIf you are dragging the past into your anticipation you are cutting down your chances. I’d rather uplift everybody instead of blaming them.

So then, shift happens the minute you question beliefs and behaviors. What you experience from the outside world means nothing, except what you make it. God does not judge, and neither should you. Be free, relaxed and curious instead of exercising your old programming and projections, and watch your life taking a new turn, once lived from the heart.

Apollo, beyond Polarity

epsilonIt’s been almost three months since the completion of our Apollo journey. The thing that started like a foggy premonition, yearning and deep desire of reunion with something unknown is completing the circle today. Just before our departure, the astrological configuration showed the Star of David. One of the most powerful portals for fusing the masculine and feminine principles into non-polarity, Oneness, Divine.  The Epsilon Portal.

The great Temple of Apollo at Delphi had several inscriptions on its entrance. Most prominent was a large letter E (Epsilon) made of gold. Its meaning was an enigma, even in antiquity.

apolloOver the millennia, many interpretations have been suggested. Some are based on the meaning of E, fifth letter of the Greek alphabet, as the number five. Others say it is not an letter at all, but a religious symbol, or glyph, which predates writing.

Plutarch, the eminent biographer and Middle Platonist philosopher, was, in addition, a priest at Delphi. He suggested that the meaning is found not in the letter itself, but in its pronunciation: “EI”, which in Greek means “Thou art.” Hence he speculated it served as a respectful address to the god, Apollo — as though, when entering the temple, one honors the god by saying “Thou art!”

A still more intriguing possibility is that “EI” is the god’s greeting to visitors. That is, the god of revelation, Apollo, greets the seeker, saying: “Know, O soul, this most profound and mysterious truth, beside which all else fades to insignificance: THOU ART!”



I am Masculine, the Power and Wisdom Principle, The Arrow. The triangle pointing up.

I am the Feminine, the Love and Compassion Principle, The Goblet. The triangle pointing down.

I am both of them, the MOuntain and the Cave, the Infinite, the Star of David.

Image15Our journey started by touching two of the equilateral triangle tips. The Triangle is formed by the Temple of Aphaia, in Egina, the Acropolis, and the Temple of Poseidon, at Cape Sounion. The triangles followed us everywhere, and we got into triangle shaped caves.

The two Epsilons on the pendants that attracted us so much: the Masculine and Feminine, in Fusion. This message of bringing together Poles into union started around Solstice and comes today to its fulfillment. Today, November 23, six planets in our Solar system create another portal, a Star of David, that anchors this fusion back into a male principle dominated Earth. People are speaking about the return of the Goddess, or the Feminine principle. It is, more than anything else, the return of Harmony and Creation here, in the 3-D plane.


Looking at the ancient symbol Greeks know so profoundly and love so much, there are a few details worth mentioning:

  • on the horizontal axis of manifestation, the male and female principles come into union. Wisdom and compassion join into creating a new level of reality, that is drawn by the line that connects the two opposite poles’ centers.
  • on the vertical axis, the connection between Up and down is restored. We have a cross, that expresses the alchemy of the God/Goddess sacred link, and the restoring of the broken link between upper realms and material world. And so it is.
  • glass trinityeverything sits on the 12-ray Sun, with the portal/circle in the middle. 12. another sacred number, whichthree-fold-flame, in itself, is worth another article, but to be concise: 2 make 1. One plus two is the Sacred Trinity. What a coincidence. Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

and it does not stop here. The Three-Fold Flame. The Fleur de Lys. Triratna. The three main forces described in the yogic practices, with deep roots in the Vedas:


Everything comes back into the Triangle, and the chase continues. Remember the name of the main feminine character in Matrix?… Maybe it is the right time to watch this movie from the perspective of combined actions of Morpheus and his male/female lieutenants.

tiger dragon

No wonder three people, who once were mother, father and daughter, came together.


The fourth pillar of this build: Apollo himself, God of Revelations, who opened the roads into the deep knowledge, marked it with clear signs and initiated the access into the Epsilon Portal. Everything comes together, in the fullest, roundest possible way.

So, dearest Ones, find your inner Yin and Yang. Accept them and bring them into fusion. Find your inner balance and walk back into Life, with the greatest gift you could bring: the Love, the Power and the Wisdom to keep them in balance. And if you would like to take the challenge and ride the same roller coaster, get ready: next year, in May, we are going to do it once again.

miracles do happen

We witness every day sudden twists of situations, leading to an exceptional result, with tremendous speed. This is what we typically call a miracle. But there are so many unseen higher aspects of reality that get caught on camera every now and then… or recorded by audio devices. Evidence of the fact that reality is not ending at the limit of our senses – at least not the average human senses.

Most of the pictures are taken when feeling a high vibration around… here are some of them. More to follow.

large light orb at the entrance of the Temple of Foreordained the orbs start multiplying as the group sets intention after work: density of light orbs Light, More Light work well done

I only saw these once when working with an indian Chief and Medicine Man

I only saw these once when working with an indian Chief and Medicine Man