On The Hunt for Super Powers

the all seeing eyeOn most of the group meditations debriefs, someone is disappointed and says: “I did not see anything, it was a failed meditation “. No, it was not. The purpose of meditation is not to have Hollywood-type visions. The purpose of meditation is experiencing the deeper potential that lies beneath our daily mind. And the merit lies not in the visual lucid dreaming but in the effort of training the mind to shut up 😀

Similarly, the internet is full of techniques for opening the third eye: meditations, how-to, ten steps for…, five steps for… For what? Actually, is there more to your motivation than just a plain intellectual curiosity?

energy experienceA few days ago, someone, sitting in the therapy chair, reported clouds of pink and white light during an intense energy session. It was the first such session and the first such experience. Quite amazed, the person was not, though, hungry for such imagery. This is quite a healthy attitude: expect nothing and work hard.

The plain explanation of the vision was that, due to the high level of energy used in therapy, the pineal gland, which is responsible for our extrasensory perception, opened up.

Now, cleansing the pineal is not a bad idea, since it seems that the human kind is evolving back to its original state and re-discovering lost senses. But making a total purpose of it is like wanting to drive a car without knowing where you are heading.

images (1)Trying to “see” might yield in seeing. Are you ready for what you are going to see? Do you have enough experience and energetic balance to be able to cope with some of the not-so-nice things you are going to notice?

Things might get even worse when this desire to experience gets to topics such as out-of-body experiences. Again, follow this meditation, that techniques, the other sequence of 7, 10 etc. steps… Do you know how to come back? Have you ever seen someone who is not able to come back and needs help from a master? We did. Actually, all these exotic phenomena are happening due to the raising of one’s energy to a certain level. Each chakra triggers a series of perceptions or powers, as it gets activated and starts to work at its full potential.

our of body

Sri Ramakrishna, one of great Indian Yogi masters, taught that these “powers”, or siddhis, as they name them, are a secondary effect of the energy raising in one’s body. And it is the energy raising that needs to be taught, practiced and mastered, for one very simple reason: constant training gets the practitioner to evolve in a gradual acquaintance with the states of consciousness associated with the raise of energy. It also works out a synchronous raise of the level of consciousness, absolutely necessary for coping with the wanted and unwanted aspects that might be perceived in these states of consciousness. And, finally, leads to what is called enlightenment, the Godhood-like state, the merger of one’s individual consciousness with the ocean of energy that we all come from and return to.

enlightenedMeanwhile, enjoy your blurry perceptions. They might not be visual, they might be just a mere knowing that this fact is one way and the other fact is different. They might be a hunch. They might be physical sensations like tingling, subtle changes in temperature, sensations of fluid running through and outside the body. They might be smells. We all have the capability of perceiving the world around us in a fuller, deeper way.  It can be practiced with diligence and consistency and then the results can be long-lasting, rewarding and enlightening. Don’t forget to enjoy the ride as these senses will rather become indicators of your level of personal development. No one needs individual fame. What we all really long for is a return of our bigger, extended, divine Soul.

miracles do happen

We witness every day sudden twists of situations, leading to an exceptional result, with tremendous speed. This is what we typically call a miracle. But there are so many unseen higher aspects of reality that get caught on camera every now and then… or recorded by audio devices. Evidence of the fact that reality is not ending at the limit of our senses – at least not the average human senses.

Most of the pictures are taken when feeling a high vibration around… here are some of them. More to follow.

large light orb at the entrance of the Temple of Foreordained the orbs start multiplying as the group sets intention after work: density of light orbs Light, More Light work well done

I only saw these once when working with an indian Chief and Medicine Man

I only saw these once when working with an indian Chief and Medicine Man