On The Hunt for Super Powers

the all seeing eyeOn most of the group meditations debriefs, someone is disappointed and says: “I did not see anything, it was a failed meditation “. No, it was not. The purpose of meditation is not to have Hollywood-type visions. The purpose of meditation is experiencing the deeper potential that lies beneath our daily mind. And the merit lies not in the visual lucid dreaming but in the effort of training the mind to shut up ūüėÄ

Similarly, the internet is full of techniques for opening the third eye: meditations, how-to, ten steps for…, five steps for… For what? Actually, is there more to your motivation than just a plain intellectual curiosity?

energy experienceA few days ago, someone, sitting in the therapy chair, reported clouds of pink and white light during an intense energy session. It was the first such session and the first such experience. Quite amazed, the person was not, though, hungry for such imagery. This is quite a healthy attitude: expect nothing and work hard.

The plain explanation of the vision was that, due to the high level of energy used in therapy, the pineal gland, which is responsible for our extrasensory perception, opened up.

Now, cleansing the pineal is not a bad idea, since it seems that the human kind is evolving back to its original state and re-discovering lost senses. But making a total purpose of it is like wanting to drive a car without knowing where you are heading.

images (1)Trying to “see” might yield in seeing. Are you ready for what you are going to see? Do you have enough experience and energetic balance to be able to cope with some of the not-so-nice things you are going to notice?

Things might get even worse when this desire to experience gets to topics such as out-of-body experiences. Again, follow this meditation, that techniques, the other sequence of 7, 10 etc. steps… Do you know how to come back? Have you ever seen someone who is not able to come back and needs help from a master? We did. Actually, all these exotic phenomena are happening due to the raising of one’s energy to a certain level. Each chakra triggers a series of perceptions or powers, as it gets activated and starts to work at its full potential.

our of body

Sri Ramakrishna, one of great Indian Yogi masters, taught that these “powers”, or¬†siddhis, as they name them, are a¬†secondary effect of the energy raising in one’s body. And it is the energy raising that needs to be taught, practiced and mastered, for one very simple reason: constant training gets the practitioner to evolve in a gradual acquaintance with the states of consciousness associated with the raise of energy. It also works out a synchronous raise of the level of consciousness, absolutely necessary for coping with the wanted and unwanted aspects that might be perceived in these states of consciousness. And, finally, leads to what is called enlightenment, the Godhood-like state, the merger of one’s individual consciousness with the ocean of energy that we all come from and return to.

enlightenedMeanwhile, enjoy your blurry perceptions. They might not be visual, they might be just a mere knowing that this fact is one way and the other fact is different. They might be a hunch. They might be physical sensations like tingling, subtle changes in temperature, sensations of fluid running through and outside the body. They might be smells. We all have the capability of perceiving the world around us in a fuller, deeper way. ¬†It can be practiced with diligence and consistency and then the results can be long-lasting, rewarding and enlightening. Don’t forget to enjoy the ride as these senses will rather become indicators of your level of personal development. No one needs individual fame. What we all really long for is a return of our bigger, extended, divine Soul.

Mastery: a decision to continue one’s own evolution

ochiul florii kanaloaThere are a lot of people carrying around a master’s diploma. And requiring for their mastery to be recognized. There is one saying coming from Don Beckett, ReiKi Master:¬†a Master is just someone who decided to continue walking the Path.¬†

Well said. But what are the key features of Mastery, be it about spiritual teaching or carpentry work? How does a master look like? How can one recognize a true master and, more complex yet, how can one choose a master?


It all starts with following and living a set of principles. No matter these are the ten commandments, the five shamanic agreements or the seven Huna Principles, there must be a behavior foundation that creates a framework for all we think, say and do.We typically call this ethics.

The next big one is compassion. In the broad sense, we find it in “love thy neighbor” or Aloha or Be Kind to Others. But one key issue that usual occurs in the path to mastery is that we still do those things for ourselves, and not for others. One of the spiritual traps. If we heal, teach, protect, charge just for a personal benefit – be it money or fame, being in the center of attention or simply get remarked – the whole effort slides down the drain. Mastery¬†is¬† for others and it has to be exercised with the two following bubbles in the chart:

download (1)One is¬†humbleness. Ego has no room in a master’s behavior. The car, the house, the social status, the expected recognition – if they are still present and manifesting, it is the right time for pulling up our sleeves and starting to work on the Me, Me, Me issue.

Are you reacting emotionally to criticism instead of taking the information in to reflect on it and seeing what tiny or big thing you can improve? More work is needed.

download (2)The next one, really important, is to stay present in this world of now. Not on a mountain top. In our workshops and conferences we met people who displayed a balanced, loving, compassionate behavior in a meditation circle, and oozing frustration, anger and dissatisfaction immediately after the sessions ended. Mastery is displayed equally in the physical world and in manifesting emotions, in the mind, everywhere. A master has a consistent behavior, no matter it is about brushing teeth or offering empowerments.

This balance  is radiating out of the persons who advance on the path to mastery. People want to be around these persons. Attracting the ones desperately in need for affection or the ones wanting mental gymnastics for the satisfaction of the intellect only  is not it. When people genuinely feel good around you, it means you are on the right track. Not because of the way you do things. Your mere presence is radiating this balance, and people usually say they feel at peace, protected and satisfied.

Last feature and most important is excellence.  A master has to be brilliant at what he or she does. Many of our students want to start sharing something immediately after they have learned it Рbut the key is patient, consistent and diligent practice, to learn the behaviors or techniques, and to get a deeper understanding, valuable insights and a comprehensive vision on the respective topic.

You might want to try and practice each of the bubbles of about three weeks… and see what changes. And if you are looking for a master, here are the three key things to help you make up your mind:

1. There is solid proof of excellence. Clearly, there is a lot to learn from this person.

2. There is chemistry between you and that person. ¬†And the chemistry is both ways. Masters do live in earthly bodies, they might have feelings. Students that drop our of their work with the master just because they did¬†not feel loved enough have some serious topics for reflection… it is easy to point the finger at someone else.

3. The master is available. Availability does not mean he or she will definitely reply all your 10 sms’s right now. And availability will also mean that the master will be there for you when you think you do not direction and support. The master is not a friend, but the most (com)passionate personal coach one could imagine. Between the helping, the encouragement and the spanking, this person will always be interested in your progress without having any interest in his or her own benefits.

Good luck . Practice. Keep walking the Path.

January 1: New Moon. Time for wishes.

The Moon. Celestial body of the emotions, carrier of our good and less good habits. Embodiment of potential. Since ancient times, the New Moon and Full Moon were times for planting and harvesting, and the shamans’ fires have been lighting up the nights of such phases for millennia.

The year of 2014 starts with a New Moon: time for planting, and that does not refer to cereals only, but to intentions, too: this is the best moment in the last years to set a personal evolution wish and send to the Universe the “order” for its manifestation. You can start this year in a different, profound, significant way, influencing all that is to happen. Here is how you can do it:

After having your midnight champagne, sit down and reflect upon the goal or purpose you most wish for: so deep and so important that every cell in your body yearns for it. The most hidden corner of the mind carries it. Take a pen and a paper  Рyou can do it as a group game, it will have even more power Рand write down carefully what is that you wish for. A few notes about the notes:  :

– it is important to write what we wish, because this gives us clarity.

– write everything as it is happening now. Visualize the movie of your wish coming true, feel the sensations accompanying this fulfillment.

– refer to you and you only. The wish must not infringe the free will of anyone else: if it refers to someone, what you will write is the behavior changes you will experience, so that the desired situation is facilitated: for example, instead of writing “X loves me” you can write “I will become worthy of X’s love”.

– Check with your heart if what you have just written is correct. How do we do this? It is simple. Feel the joy and well-being emanating from what you wrote. That is the indication the text is “right”.

– Watch your words. What you write comes true exactly as it is written.

Ready? All written?  Your contract with the Universe has just been stamped, scanned and emailed for fulfillment. And it should be treated like any other contract: .once written, you do not revisit it all the time, but wait for it to happen, believing it will happen. At the right time. Take your paper, wrap it nicely, put it in a box on your altar or  next to your bed and wait without thinking about what it contains. Being detached from the object of our wish is an essential criterion for its manifestation.  

You may close your ceremony by planting something – a bean, a seed, a clove of garlic – but be careful with the caring and nurturing of this growing plant – or lighting up a fire to burn all that is old and make room for the new energies that you have just invoked in your note.

And so it is.