the Obsession for Protection


A few years ago, attending a masters’ retreat, I witnessed a hallucinating scenario – one of the organizers was getting signals about a massive negative presence. I did not feel a thing, although I can detect heavy energies or low frequencies. She was really under the pressure of this presence, and the vibe passed to some of her students. Headaches showed up promptly, then nausea, then my tourmaline crystal literally exploded.

These “attacks” only happened around her, and they were quite often, like a herd of dark beings was constantly stalking this master. Once separated from the respective group, the negative experiences stopped. Very seldom did I experience what we call a dark presence, and then there was quite clear negotiation about it and my commitment about not interfering with such energies always yielded in the disappearance of the respective form.

Years later, in an Ayahuasca ceremony, such a being showed up and it was visible to more than one participant. Some of them were bothered by it. I chose to envelop it in a thick, pink cloud of love, like a cotton candy coccoon, and the discomfort stopped. The story is longer and it should be the subject of another article, but the event repeated with another group. Using a similar technique, the result was identical – the energy got literally absorbed in the Higher Realms, to be transmuted and recycled. 

A Grand Master gave me the privilege of being attuned to something we call Shinki . In the Japanese tradition, Shinki is the name of the leading consciousness – it is the equivalent of God or Universal Consciousness in our language. I noticed everytime I used it in therapy it worked like a deep, profound, ample re-start of the energy system of that person. I also noticed how it dissolved any thought forms associated to ill programming of the light body.

And then it struck me. These things happen only because we believe in them. They are created  and accepted by the person’s mind, and the therapist can intervene and re-balance the misconstrued creation simply bringing up the level of energy. It is like someone is turning a bright bulb on. There is no more shadow. There was no shadow before, but turning the light on proves there is no shadow.

The electronic environment is full of workshops, crystal remedies, essences, methods and means for protecting against attacks, negative entities, witchcraft, auric depletion, vampires… and so on… and so forth. Let’s cast some light on the subject.

There are a few simple principles:

1. Our mind is the most powerful creation tool. Misdirected, it produces aberations that we might call demons, evil non incarnated souls, and so on.

2. none of the miscreations can interact with someone’s energy body unless that person admits they exist. And accepts these thought forms or whatever other structured, conscious or non conscious energy forms.

3. these lower levels of vibrating consciousness are instantly dissolved, transmuted, re-integrated when the energy of the respective person or place gets a significant boost.

Discipline in keeping the mind on the positive side, coupled with a healthy energy recharge method, whatever feels best for you, should do it. Keep the faith, work on it and you will see how these aberations disappear with fireworks, a poof or they simply, silently vanish.  Be disciplined about staying in the positive side of thinking and practice your recharge regularly. Not only will it prevent more unpleasant events in your spiritual travels, but it will definitely feed that Seed of Light that we are carrying in this human body with the sole purpose of nurturing it and growing it until we realize our splendid godly nature, and remember we are divine beings.

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