Being Present

be here and now

I owe this article to my friend Nastya, who started the debate :  should we speak more about the concept of being present or about how to do it?  The answer is both. We are here, in the reality knot of the probabilities, having the possibility of choosing the desired path from a continuous series of crossroads. Sometimes, so busy regreting we did not do this or that, or sorry for what we did do, that we cannot see what is presented right before our eyes.

The proposals of Universe are never coming to the central axis of our sight or consciousness. They are always lateral, like side breezes caressing our mind, or marginal glimpses in the visual field, or small, almost subliminal whispers of the higher consciousness. Unless we are present, we cannot receive these precious pieces of information. Sometimes they come in an encrypted form, or this is how our brain perceives them, so if we are not there, we will just lose the moment of perception and, with it, the opportunity.

The same thing happens if we slide into unnecessary worry for the future. Not only we are not present to make the choice, but we also widen the probability path for an unwanted choice in the crossroad. Fear of future, instead of sincere, open belief that everything happening is like a riverbed that allows for our little stream of consciousness to come back to the greater Ocean that has so many names, prevents us from making this apparently strange return. Why should life be about returning and not about going? Because we are like batteries that need to reconnect to the Source in order to recharge. Once the reconnection process happens, we kind of know the way to the plug, time and again, so our autonomy turns from limited to infinite, and we can finally make the supreme, seemingly impossible long journey to who we really are.

It is clear now that the maximum creation potential is in the Now. The dilemma we all had or have – or maybe, after reading this, you are going to have it – is what is the practical way to be present, aware and make the choices enabling anyone to proceed with personal evolution.

It is much simpler than we expect. The easiest way comes from the Theravada Buddhism, and it is about focusing on the breath. Sit or lie down. On the floor, in your bed, on a comfortable chair or outside, in the sun, on a lawn. It really does not matter, just choose the place that makes you comfortable. The important part is to have the type of position and place that makes you worry less about the body. The body should take care of itself.

Now, just focus on Now. With every out-breath. If the mind drifts, do not cling to the focus, do not punish yourself, do not analyse where and why it went. Just re-focus on your breath. On the out-breath, because after the out-breath there is nothing. That nothingness is the seed of potential, of creation, of All There Is. STay with it.  Wonderful side effects might happen: feeling suddenly at peace, quiet, joyful… or more. Just stay there.

Some enjoy listening to the sounds or playing with other senses. Dive into the visual sensation of the clouds floating on the sky, listen to the minute sounds around you, either you are surrounded by Nature or human made environments, examine the scents (that one needs a good setting to avoid annoying ones) and see how much awareness of Now this brings.

As you get used to it, extend the time, bring the practice into the daily routines, and start focusing on being present while you do things. Your sensory experiences will help with it. Relax the lateral part of your consciousness. Signs will appear – shamans have always known that and a part of their teaching is to develop this lateral awareness so that one can receive the input / proposals of the Universe.

Last, but not least, this constant training for being here and now will lead to an enhanced feeling of who you are. Some describe a kind of landing of a deeper sense of Presence, a higher Presence, like we are suddenly immersed in a wider and much deeper consciousness. We call it the Presence.

It may come with the first experience or after a long, long series of attempts. Do not set expectations, just go with the process. Let your curiosity and awareness discover what is there to be discovered, and enjoy each small step forward. Reward yourself for it and patiently go for the next step.

It is like a slow sculpting of Yourself. It takes time, serenity, and clarity of the purpose. Let the circumstances work out the best way for you. Just breathe out, listen, get the perceptions. Then think about what you got during the experience… some have their first conversation with God in such an attempt :). Trust your inner wisdom, the one we call intuition, to validate the experience. And continue.