love, beyond cliches

We see daily on those electronic communication media tens of quotes about love. They make you wonder how much the dilligent writers are practicing out of the overwhleming amount of displayed wisdom .

Don’t describe it. Do it, at all levels.

Last month’s agitated days and nights are flowing like a kind of preview to the grand unveiling of the mind. Each of them, a good time to learn and re-learn all facets of this tarnished noun, that looks dusty, sugary and teary but still so new, each time you discover another aspect of it.

The woman that sighs thinking of  that man who is equally attracted and scared by her. Incapable to explore other possibilities than the classic one, containing the compulsory condoms and ring.

The little pet that is finally cured after months of chronic wounds, coming to thank and ask for yet another cuddle and another stroke. With its freshly cleaned fur, it sticks to you, offering a share of unconditional love.

The white haired couple, walking in the park hand in hand, with all their passion’s traffic lights off, but with the love’s one shining green after years of hurdles and trials.

The soul that cries and laughs about how far and yet how close we are to the ones we love> because what matters is not what you get, but what you give. The ¬†awareness of love beyond death, distance, disasters and separation, like in a beautiful cartoon illustrating a dear song, where the two halves are searching and re-searching for the other for the entire life, even if they won’t meet .

The Love, with a capital L, that you discover when you feel the urge of straightening a strand of hair fallen on the forehead of a woman who cries. When you would like to embrace that being, wounded by its own vulnerability, speaking to you with words that ooze pain.

All those days and nights and words and jokes and affectionate humor. Discussions over things that raise the same interest, plans, and dreams and desires. Respect for the other’s silence and detachment from what we do not posess, we do not control, we just fuel.

The endless love one can feel for the giant, mellow and warm being we call Planet, and to all her children, with or without leaves, with scales, feathers, two or four or more legs. The plant children, the stone children. The light buds floating in the air like invisible UFO’s. The Love that envelops you when you sit in one of those places, fewer every day, where nature is still pristine and untouched by the coarse boot of “civilization”.

And, finally, but not eventually, the profound understanding of the loving connection between all that is, animated by the huge force of a feeling that triggers the mechanics of the entire Universe, and the revelation that actively practising this feeling puts gas in the life’s engine. And then, Silence. And then, Joy,

It’s like any fitness routine, the mind gets shaped progressively and learns to love, really, unconditionally, all that is. And, like any routine, it should be performed constantly, no matter if today you are sad, desperate, jealous, furious. Practise it like a slingshot that throws you back in to our inherent Human nature: loving kindness.

You can start tomorrow, if you forgot today. Smile to the first man you see tomorrow morning and watch the miracles flowing through the day.