What would Love do now?

Love would radiate.

Early morning. I am flowing on the street, in my little yellow Smart car, to the meetings of today. The line is moving slowly, at the speed of the slowest driver. Useless car corn sounds, people are in a rush, people are angry, people are. I refuse to get frustrated, because the chillout music is dripping from the speakers and last night’s continuous coughing drained me.

Then I wonder. What would Love do now? and the left hand raises above the steering wheel,  golden light springs from it, like small precious minuscule scales floating in the sunlight and diffusing into everything on the road.

It is noon. A sun so hot it makes you confused. On the street that gets me home, right across from the subway station, traffic is blocked. Orange police plastic pawns trace a boundary on the asphalt. A police car set like a barrier. Chalk marks on the grey road. The black and yellow plastic measuring tape. I freeze. A few white pearls quietly lay on the road. Next to a car wheel, a bottle of water fallen from a woman’s hand.

The, I get myself together and ask: is there something I can do at this moment, in this present reality? and the hot July afternoon, teaming with butterfiles, I send the good thought, golden and loving, straight from my heart, to that young woman who is already in the ER of a hospital. She will live. There will be a lot of hard recovery work after she ran across a busy street.

I get home.

In my bedroom, the spoiled lemon tree I got as a gift for my birthday gives me a present: a first ripe fruit that fell off a branch. Apparently, this lemon fruit stayed the same since I got the tree.

Actually it grew a lot since March. I am happy I did not pick it earlier, because this wonderful plant gave it to me when the time was right. When it got really ripe.

So I spent some time contemplating the wonder of the existence of this fruit. My relationship with this frail but strong little tree and the contrast between the tiny branch and the heavy, sensuous lemon. I sent a thank you thought to the tree and mentally hugged the authors of the present. My giant lemon, demonstrating that all you need to do is love. Unconditionally. I ask myself again: what would Love do now? I think it would share the lemon with as many friends as possible. It will get into the cups of tea that all my visitors get when they enter the door.

What I am trying to say is that Mastery is a path that flows, unseen, parallel with each second of Today.  Today only, now only, try for a second to do what a Master would do, not what a human would do. Try what Love would do. That turns life into a continous miracle.

Relationship Karma

Enough is enough. All people I meet tell me the same thing. They are captive in a pattern. It might be the “wrong partner” pattern, or the loneliness pattern, or the one-way love pattern. .

No matter what the pattern is, there is a reason.

It is based on the theory of reincarnation, so if you do not believe in it, just click  on the right side of this tab and close the blog now.

But if you do think that the soul can transmigrate from a realm to another one, from a body to another body,  over space and time, then you might find a satisfactory explanation for the unsatisfactory aspects of your private life .

The first point we need to take into account is that we all are exploring a relationship facet in each lifetime. Most often, the people you interact with were your parents, children, masters, protectors in previous lives. The woman you fell for might have been your son last time. 😀

This changes  profoundly the way we see this relationship, doesn’t it?

We came with a love capital we had forgotten, entered this life marching with our military boots over the hearts of the ones  we kept meeting, then we end up wondering why we are not loved. Most often, the relationship we enter is a perfect mirror of what we offered in previous encounters.

Did we abandon them last time? We might expect to be abandoned. Did we betray them? Expect betrayal.

Another important point is that these episodes tend to occur in cycles. Men choosing the same type of woman, just another face, in successive relationships. Women, captive in a repetitive male model – usually not the ideal one. Here we need to understand that each of these people coming to our lives is a lesson, an opportunity to improve ourselves. If we do not get the lesson and we do not act upon it, we receive it once again. And again. And again.  Until we pass the exam.

How can one understand a lesson? It is simple. Look, objectively, at what happened. Objectively is not “it’s the other’s fault” or “I did nothing wrong”. To be objective is to look at the nature of the issue,. What part of your behavior facilitates the manifestation of the issue. Then, roll up your sleeves and start working on that behavior. Take the file, nicely smooth all bumps and fill all holes with love – to make it short, you grow. I can offer many examples of people working with me to go through this process. Typically, one year later they come and say “my life has changed”. So there is room for hope 😀

Conventionally speaking, we must be lucid when falling in love or entering a social relationship with someone. Before letting your self dive into it, just ask yourself: is this someone who appreciates me? Who makes me feel special, different, wonderful? Who makes me feel at ease? Is it a person I can learn from? If the answer is yes, take a seat in the desk and get your lessons. If not, stop complaining about repeating patterns.

Remember: these people are our mirrors… that is why the most important lesson is:

Remember to emit, 24/7, those feelings, sensations and thoughts we want to feel from  the ones around us.

The high “frequency” of emotions and mind will sift automatically your professional, social and intimate partners that are not suitable to our own harmony. This is the most important lesson. We are what we think.

love, beyond cliches

We see daily on those electronic communication media tens of quotes about love. They make you wonder how much the dilligent writers are practicing out of the overwhleming amount of displayed wisdom .

Don’t describe it. Do it, at all levels.

Last month’s agitated days and nights are flowing like a kind of preview to the grand unveiling of the mind. Each of them, a good time to learn and re-learn all facets of this tarnished noun, that looks dusty, sugary and teary but still so new, each time you discover another aspect of it.

The woman that sighs thinking of  that man who is equally attracted and scared by her. Incapable to explore other possibilities than the classic one, containing the compulsory condoms and ring.

The little pet that is finally cured after months of chronic wounds, coming to thank and ask for yet another cuddle and another stroke. With its freshly cleaned fur, it sticks to you, offering a share of unconditional love.

The white haired couple, walking in the park hand in hand, with all their passion’s traffic lights off, but with the love’s one shining green after years of hurdles and trials.

The soul that cries and laughs about how far and yet how close we are to the ones we love> because what matters is not what you get, but what you give. The  awareness of love beyond death, distance, disasters and separation, like in a beautiful cartoon illustrating a dear song, where the two halves are searching and re-searching for the other for the entire life, even if they won’t meet .

The Love, with a capital L, that you discover when you feel the urge of straightening a strand of hair fallen on the forehead of a woman who cries. When you would like to embrace that being, wounded by its own vulnerability, speaking to you with words that ooze pain.

All those days and nights and words and jokes and affectionate humor. Discussions over things that raise the same interest, plans, and dreams and desires. Respect for the other’s silence and detachment from what we do not posess, we do not control, we just fuel.

The endless love one can feel for the giant, mellow and warm being we call Planet, and to all her children, with or without leaves, with scales, feathers, two or four or more legs. The plant children, the stone children. The light buds floating in the air like invisible UFO’s. The Love that envelops you when you sit in one of those places, fewer every day, where nature is still pristine and untouched by the coarse boot of “civilization”.

And, finally, but not eventually, the profound understanding of the loving connection between all that is, animated by the huge force of a feeling that triggers the mechanics of the entire Universe, and the revelation that actively practising this feeling puts gas in the life’s engine. And then, Silence. And then, Joy,

It’s like any fitness routine, the mind gets shaped progressively and learns to love, really, unconditionally, all that is. And, like any routine, it should be performed constantly, no matter if today you are sad, desperate, jealous, furious. Practise it like a slingshot that throws you back in to our inherent Human nature: loving kindness.

You can start tomorrow, if you forgot today. Smile to the first man you see tomorrow morning and watch the miracles flowing through the day.