Relationship Karma

Enough is enough. All people I meet tell me the same thing. They are captive in a pattern. It might be the “wrong partner” pattern, or the loneliness pattern, or the one-way love pattern. .

No matter what the pattern is, there is a reason.

It is based on the theory of reincarnation, so if you do not believe in it, just click  on the right side of this tab and close the blog now.

But if you do think that the soul can transmigrate from a realm to another one, from a body to another body,  over space and time, then you might find a satisfactory explanation for the unsatisfactory aspects of your private life .

The first point we need to take into account is that we all are exploring a relationship facet in each lifetime. Most often, the people you interact with were your parents, children, masters, protectors in previous lives. The woman you fell for might have been your son last time. 😀

This changes  profoundly the way we see this relationship, doesn’t it?

We came with a love capital we had forgotten, entered this life marching with our military boots over the hearts of the ones  we kept meeting, then we end up wondering why we are not loved. Most often, the relationship we enter is a perfect mirror of what we offered in previous encounters.

Did we abandon them last time? We might expect to be abandoned. Did we betray them? Expect betrayal.

Another important point is that these episodes tend to occur in cycles. Men choosing the same type of woman, just another face, in successive relationships. Women, captive in a repetitive male model – usually not the ideal one. Here we need to understand that each of these people coming to our lives is a lesson, an opportunity to improve ourselves. If we do not get the lesson and we do not act upon it, we receive it once again. And again. And again.  Until we pass the exam.

How can one understand a lesson? It is simple. Look, objectively, at what happened. Objectively is not “it’s the other’s fault” or “I did nothing wrong”. To be objective is to look at the nature of the issue,. What part of your behavior facilitates the manifestation of the issue. Then, roll up your sleeves and start working on that behavior. Take the file, nicely smooth all bumps and fill all holes with love – to make it short, you grow. I can offer many examples of people working with me to go through this process. Typically, one year later they come and say “my life has changed”. So there is room for hope 😀

Conventionally speaking, we must be lucid when falling in love or entering a social relationship with someone. Before letting your self dive into it, just ask yourself: is this someone who appreciates me? Who makes me feel special, different, wonderful? Who makes me feel at ease? Is it a person I can learn from? If the answer is yes, take a seat in the desk and get your lessons. If not, stop complaining about repeating patterns.

Remember: these people are our mirrors… that is why the most important lesson is:

Remember to emit, 24/7, those feelings, sensations and thoughts we want to feel from  the ones around us.

The high “frequency” of emotions and mind will sift automatically your professional, social and intimate partners that are not suitable to our own harmony. This is the most important lesson. We are what we think.