Change IS happening. Get in tune with it.

behaviors to avoidApril the 29th ends a potent cosmic context that might trigger havoc or bliss in our lives. It is the best moment to re-design ourselves and get rid of all behaviors that produce negativity and generate each other in the well-known vicious circle.

All behaviors described in the image are common and we usually say it is recommended to quit them – but there is too little we do in order to actually change something in the way we act.

The recipe is quite simple, but it takes weeks of concentrated effort to work on each bubble. If you really want to address these aspects, mind that there will be at least three weeks of focus needed for each little circle in order to get you tuned into the greater cosmic aspects:

  1. embrace your fears whenever they occur. Go fearward. If you are afraid of anything, try doing it.
  2. increase your vibration by doing things you like, meditating, going out into the nature, singing, praying or performing any spiritual practice that puts you in connection with the Greater energy.
  3. Us. Us. Us. This is your focus, not the egotistic one. You will be fine as long as we all are fine. Set yourself to offering something to someone everyday: a good conversation, a small gift, lunch, a minor loan. Compassion is the greatest change catalyst.
  4. Stop complaining there is no love in your life. Start offering without any expectation of receiving. And things will slowly and gradually change.
  5. bank accounts, houses, clothes and cars are not you.  Think about your true expression: what you do and how you do it. Stop thinking about money. Money comes as you create space for it to flow. Clutter such as “I do not have enough” fill your inner space so there is not much flow it can allow. Be gentle, inspired and light, and abundance will appear for sure.

29 aprEAll these go hand in hand with an enhanced sense of presence, connection and grounding. Now is the moment of being the now. Probably one of the determining moments in your life.

Get out, into a park or a forest, by the seaside or on a mountain track. Be there every second, noticing everything that is around you and taking the amount of time to feel this is home.

Keep your goals at the top of any list. Daydream about them. Align them with who you really are. The road will take many curves, it is never a straight line, but it does get you there once you know where you are heading.

And, most importantly, be open. Let go of the control. You do not control anything but yourself and, by mastering yourself, you will also master what is around you. Everything responds in the most lively way to your thoughts, feelings and mental projections: make sure you have the right ones in order to achieve the result that is best for you.

And leave a note here if you find it difficult. There are techniques and tools for everything, the most important is the intention of aligning all these behaviors. Good luck with smooth and swift change.

Expanded Consciousness camp in Peru: Amazon and Macchu Picchu

răsărit pe AmazonWe live in a world of hypnotic beliefs, both cultural and religious. It places limitations both on our physical and consciousness aspects of our being. Experiencing the truth of who you are is the purpose of this sacred journey into the heart of Mother Earth, followed by an optional Solstice Ceremony in Macchu Picchu.

This life-changing event  takes place in the Amazonian jungle, where the environment allows for accelerated change. The intention behind this process is a deepening and widening of perception, so that we pass beyond our physical limits, inner barriers and reach a higher state of consciousness, connected to all that is.

Satul Shipibo în care ne petrecem stagiul de junglăThe 15 days of consciousness raising will take place in a pristine area, where the frequencies of the Western world do not interfere with the process: there is no electromagnetic pollution, no electricity and the village is located upstream, next to the clear waters of a tributary of the Amazon, called Manati.

The daily schedule addresses the following aspects:

– body: detox with a shamanic diet and indigenous plant medicine. Swimming, guided jungle shamanic quests led by plant masters and shamans, pink dolphin watching river trips, Tai Chi  will contribute to the physical attunement, together with specific healing effects of Ayahuasca. Emotional cleansing sessions through therapeutic and shamanic practices completes the body approach. Amazon 2014

– mind: mental and verbal reprogramming, meditation, group debriefing and debates. Releasing the hypnotic, cultural and religious patterns. Expanding the intuition.

– soul: subconscious and superconscious connections via breathing techniques, ayahuasca initiation ceremonies and connection with oneness, initiation into the Five Attributes of Mastery: centering, harmony, potential, vision and inspiration. All these elements build on a foundation of Love with the end result being the Joy that you are.

ceremoniile de protecţie, cu Kavi CânaA typical day in the jungle starts at sunrise, with Tai Chi, shamanic medicinal plant remedies and a bathe in the river. It continues with either initiations into the Five Attributes, group work, jungle walks, private sessions or other activities. It then flows into a meditation or one of the five scheduled Ayahuasca ceremonies. We will benefit from the support of the experienced therapists facilitating the entire trip and the contribution of four local shamans, specialized in purification, protection, plant treatment and Ayahuasca ceremonies.

The entire group will get an orientation session before departure and another one on site.

The schedule of the trip is the following:

June 2: Arrive in Iquitos. The group will spend the night in OK Hostal. Please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to facilitate the reservation. There is an option to arrange accommodation with the group in Lima upon return, if you choose so.

Afternoon in Iquitos. The shamans and artisans markets.

June 3: boat trip with the Shipibos to the jungle location. A one day scenic trip through the heart of the Amazon, into Nuevo San Jose, where we will be accommodated in typical Shipibo bungalows and get immersed into the local lifestyle.

June 4 – 17: Jungle schedule. Connecting with the nature, self work, plant therapy, Ayahuasca ceremonies, meditation and specific group activities (see details above).

June 19: return to Iquitos and evening in town.

June 20: Flights either back home, for the ones who want to return, or  Iquitos – Lima – Cusco for the ones who want to continue the loop. Accommodation in Cusco and evening in Cusco. Taxi and train to Macchu Picchu.  Accomodation in Aguas Calientes.

Statue of Pachacutec and the cathedral

June 21: early morning bus ride to Macchu Picchu. Sunrise ceremony on the top of Macchu Picchu. Evening return to Cusco. Accommodation in Cusco. 

June 22/23: Days in Cusco and Sacred Valley

June 24: Departure to home city.

Base price for the jungle package from Iquitos, including transport to jungle location, full board and all ceremonies and practices: 2450 USD. The hotel price in Iquitos, not included in the base price, is 50 USD for two nights (one on arrival, on on return). Airfare from home city to Iquitos is not included. 

spaţiul de relaxareBase price from Iquitos to Cusco- Macchu Picchu: approximately 650 USD, depending on the time of booking . This part of the journey is optional. 

Accommodation in Lima can be arranged and paid on location, if you wish to spend the evening there.

The price shall be paid as follows:

– 1000 USD until April 15

–  the remaining amount shall be paid by May 15.

Andreea IonescuThe group activities shall be supplied in English since the group is international,  and facilitated by

Andreea Ionescu

Holistic therapist, coach and personal development counselor, with an experience of over 20 years in developing people out which the last 5 fully dedicated to complementary therapies and coaching. Black belt facilitator and trainer, Andreea also holds initiation and currently teaches several spiritual and energetic systems, such as Shinki, Reiki, Seikhim, Huna, Angelic and Archangelic Reiki.

Ian Stabler

Ian Stabler

has been working for more than 20 years in individual and group therapy, helping people reveal their inner nature, supporting deep exploration and identification of those portions that do not contribute to the highest potential of that person. The result is an enhanced natural self expression of the authentic person or group.   Ian specialized in soul retrieval, clearing personal blockages and limitations since 1986. Initiated in the 32 paths of wisdom of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, certified holistic rebirthing practitioner, he has spent the last 12 years in coaching and individual reconstructive therapy, and totals a 40 years track record in working with people.

More on the previous format, dedicated to shaping leaders, about the facilitators and participant opinions, at


2013 group heading to the Jungle

To register for the trip or require information, please use the following contact form: 

You can also send an email to or

Contact phone numbers: +40 722 402068 (Andreea) or +1 6042908646 (Ian). A discussion group on Facebook is available at on a membership basis.

January 1: New Moon. Time for wishes.

The Moon. Celestial body of the emotions, carrier of our good and less good habits. Embodiment of potential. Since ancient times, the New Moon and Full Moon were times for planting and harvesting, and the shamans’ fires have been lighting up the nights of such phases for millennia.

The year of 2014 starts with a New Moon: time for planting, and that does not refer to cereals only, but to intentions, too: this is the best moment in the last years to set a personal evolution wish and send to the Universe the “order” for its manifestation. You can start this year in a different, profound, significant way, influencing all that is to happen. Here is how you can do it:

After having your midnight champagne, sit down and reflect upon the goal or purpose you most wish for: so deep and so important that every cell in your body yearns for it. The most hidden corner of the mind carries it. Take a pen and a paper  – you can do it as a group game, it will have even more power – and write down carefully what is that you wish for. A few notes about the notes:  :

– it is important to write what we wish, because this gives us clarity.

– write everything as it is happening now. Visualize the movie of your wish coming true, feel the sensations accompanying this fulfillment.

– refer to you and you only. The wish must not infringe the free will of anyone else: if it refers to someone, what you will write is the behavior changes you will experience, so that the desired situation is facilitated: for example, instead of writing “X loves me” you can write “I will become worthy of X’s love”.

– Check with your heart if what you have just written is correct. How do we do this? It is simple. Feel the joy and well-being emanating from what you wrote. That is the indication the text is “right”.

– Watch your words. What you write comes true exactly as it is written.

Ready? All written?  Your contract with the Universe has just been stamped, scanned and emailed for fulfillment. And it should be treated like any other contract: .once written, you do not revisit it all the time, but wait for it to happen, believing it will happen. At the right time. Take your paper, wrap it nicely, put it in a box on your altar or  next to your bed and wait without thinking about what it contains. Being detached from the object of our wish is an essential criterion for its manifestation.  

You may close your ceremony by planting something – a bean, a seed, a clove of garlic – but be careful with the caring and nurturing of this growing plant – or lighting up a fire to burn all that is old and make room for the new energies that you have just invoked in your note.

And so it is.

The Red Note

biletul roşu

Old spiritual traditions blend personal reprogramming techniques with ceremonial practice. That kind, good and true Magic that really exists. We are creating it. Probably you have already heard about all kinds of methods we can use to land our dreams into reality. The oriental ones work well on our European subconscious ground.

Working with a group a few nights ago we used the red note method. The idea is to write your intention on such a note and then go through a sequence of building the energy, focusing it and then detaching from the object of your intention. The purpose of this post is not to go through the technique, but to have a look at the intention.

I had my red note, too. I kept turning and tossing, thinking about what I could write on it. And, going throught he list that might fuel the soul or the immediate reality, I could not write anything on the note. 

I realized that the perfect, absolutely perfect red note is the one bearing no text. Of course I have a final, general, great personal objective. It was too big for the note. And the little, intermediary ones seemed like not worth qualifying for the red note. So… What was that great thing to be written on the red note?

Probably the subtitle of my empty red note is that I accept with trust and receive with joy all presents coming from Life, Universe,m God, because I know that each time I undo the ribbon and unwrap the box, I will know what to do with that gift. Be it a moment of pain or one of ecstasy, each of them is good for something.  We never get spare parts: the talent is to integrate these pieces into the enormous gear called I and that is our scope of work, tirelessly, from the second we had the first inbreath and got ready for our first scream.

It would be great if we were able to thank for all these gifts, bitter or sweet.

I adore my little red note.

the Obsession for Protection


A few years ago, attending a masters’ retreat, I witnessed a hallucinating scenario – one of the organizers was getting signals about a massive negative presence. I did not feel a thing, although I can detect heavy energies or low frequencies. She was really under the pressure of this presence, and the vibe passed to some of her students. Headaches showed up promptly, then nausea, then my tourmaline crystal literally exploded.

These “attacks” only happened around her, and they were quite often, like a herd of dark beings was constantly stalking this master. Once separated from the respective group, the negative experiences stopped. Very seldom did I experience what we call a dark presence, and then there was quite clear negotiation about it and my commitment about not interfering with such energies always yielded in the disappearance of the respective form.

Years later, in an Ayahuasca ceremony, such a being showed up and it was visible to more than one participant. Some of them were bothered by it. I chose to envelop it in a thick, pink cloud of love, like a cotton candy coccoon, and the discomfort stopped. The story is longer and it should be the subject of another article, but the event repeated with another group. Using a similar technique, the result was identical – the energy got literally absorbed in the Higher Realms, to be transmuted and recycled. 

A Grand Master gave me the privilege of being attuned to something we call Shinki . In the Japanese tradition, Shinki is the name of the leading consciousness – it is the equivalent of God or Universal Consciousness in our language. I noticed everytime I used it in therapy it worked like a deep, profound, ample re-start of the energy system of that person. I also noticed how it dissolved any thought forms associated to ill programming of the light body.

And then it struck me. These things happen only because we believe in them. They are created  and accepted by the person’s mind, and the therapist can intervene and re-balance the misconstrued creation simply bringing up the level of energy. It is like someone is turning a bright bulb on. There is no more shadow. There was no shadow before, but turning the light on proves there is no shadow.

The electronic environment is full of workshops, crystal remedies, essences, methods and means for protecting against attacks, negative entities, witchcraft, auric depletion, vampires… and so on… and so forth. Let’s cast some light on the subject.

There are a few simple principles:

1. Our mind is the most powerful creation tool. Misdirected, it produces aberations that we might call demons, evil non incarnated souls, and so on.

2. none of the miscreations can interact with someone’s energy body unless that person admits they exist. And accepts these thought forms or whatever other structured, conscious or non conscious energy forms.

3. these lower levels of vibrating consciousness are instantly dissolved, transmuted, re-integrated when the energy of the respective person or place gets a significant boost.

Discipline in keeping the mind on the positive side, coupled with a healthy energy recharge method, whatever feels best for you, should do it. Keep the faith, work on it and you will see how these aberations disappear with fireworks, a poof or they simply, silently vanish.  Be disciplined about staying in the positive side of thinking and practice your recharge regularly. Not only will it prevent more unpleasant events in your spiritual travels, but it will definitely feed that Seed of Light that we are carrying in this human body with the sole purpose of nurturing it and growing it until we realize our splendid godly nature, and remember we are divine beings.

Being Present

be here and now

I owe this article to my friend Nastya, who started the debate :  should we speak more about the concept of being present or about how to do it?  The answer is both. We are here, in the reality knot of the probabilities, having the possibility of choosing the desired path from a continuous series of crossroads. Sometimes, so busy regreting we did not do this or that, or sorry for what we did do, that we cannot see what is presented right before our eyes.

The proposals of Universe are never coming to the central axis of our sight or consciousness. They are always lateral, like side breezes caressing our mind, or marginal glimpses in the visual field, or small, almost subliminal whispers of the higher consciousness. Unless we are present, we cannot receive these precious pieces of information. Sometimes they come in an encrypted form, or this is how our brain perceives them, so if we are not there, we will just lose the moment of perception and, with it, the opportunity.

The same thing happens if we slide into unnecessary worry for the future. Not only we are not present to make the choice, but we also widen the probability path for an unwanted choice in the crossroad. Fear of future, instead of sincere, open belief that everything happening is like a riverbed that allows for our little stream of consciousness to come back to the greater Ocean that has so many names, prevents us from making this apparently strange return. Why should life be about returning and not about going? Because we are like batteries that need to reconnect to the Source in order to recharge. Once the reconnection process happens, we kind of know the way to the plug, time and again, so our autonomy turns from limited to infinite, and we can finally make the supreme, seemingly impossible long journey to who we really are.

It is clear now that the maximum creation potential is in the Now. The dilemma we all had or have – or maybe, after reading this, you are going to have it – is what is the practical way to be present, aware and make the choices enabling anyone to proceed with personal evolution.

It is much simpler than we expect. The easiest way comes from the Theravada Buddhism, and it is about focusing on the breath. Sit or lie down. On the floor, in your bed, on a comfortable chair or outside, in the sun, on a lawn. It really does not matter, just choose the place that makes you comfortable. The important part is to have the type of position and place that makes you worry less about the body. The body should take care of itself.

Now, just focus on Now. With every out-breath. If the mind drifts, do not cling to the focus, do not punish yourself, do not analyse where and why it went. Just re-focus on your breath. On the out-breath, because after the out-breath there is nothing. That nothingness is the seed of potential, of creation, of All There Is. STay with it.  Wonderful side effects might happen: feeling suddenly at peace, quiet, joyful… or more. Just stay there.

Some enjoy listening to the sounds or playing with other senses. Dive into the visual sensation of the clouds floating on the sky, listen to the minute sounds around you, either you are surrounded by Nature or human made environments, examine the scents (that one needs a good setting to avoid annoying ones) and see how much awareness of Now this brings.

As you get used to it, extend the time, bring the practice into the daily routines, and start focusing on being present while you do things. Your sensory experiences will help with it. Relax the lateral part of your consciousness. Signs will appear – shamans have always known that and a part of their teaching is to develop this lateral awareness so that one can receive the input / proposals of the Universe.

Last, but not least, this constant training for being here and now will lead to an enhanced feeling of who you are. Some describe a kind of landing of a deeper sense of Presence, a higher Presence, like we are suddenly immersed in a wider and much deeper consciousness. We call it the Presence.

It may come with the first experience or after a long, long series of attempts. Do not set expectations, just go with the process. Let your curiosity and awareness discover what is there to be discovered, and enjoy each small step forward. Reward yourself for it and patiently go for the next step.

It is like a slow sculpting of Yourself. It takes time, serenity, and clarity of the purpose. Let the circumstances work out the best way for you. Just breathe out, listen, get the perceptions. Then think about what you got during the experience… some have their first conversation with God in such an attempt :). Trust your inner wisdom, the one we call intuition, to validate the experience. And continue.